10 Days of Giveaways: Day 7 (MyYogaPro)

How about a little giveaway afternoon pick-me-up?


Something stretchy, relaxing, strengthening, invigorating…. there’s nothing in the world like a good yoga practice.

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And up until now, nothing like having access to over 200 online yoga classes and the help of an amazing instructor. 

My friend Erin, aka the Bad Yogi, has graced the pages of this blog with her amazing guest posts and videos. She’s basically the best of the best when it comes to yoga instructors: playful, kind, knowledgeable and a little bit of a rebel. I love her whimsical approach to the practice and have enjoyed all of her YouTube videos that I’ve tried. 

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She teamed up with DoYouYoga to create an online platform of yoga classes, called My Yoga Pro. My Yoga Pro includes a variety of yoga classes and an interactive method to track your achievements along the way. You can check out their Kickstarter video here for more information about the project. MYP is ready to launch, and to celebrate its inception, Erin kindly offered two all-access passes to some lucky yogis (or aspiring yogis!). The world needs more yoga, and I’m really excited that My Yoga Pro will make the practice accessible to everyone. When we lived in Valdosta, the closest yoga studio was two hours away, and I know this would have come in handy! The access passes are also reasonably priced, especially when compared to studio membership. 

Two lucky readers will get all-access passes to over 200 online classes.

Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway, along with all of the week two giveaways, will end this Saturday night at midnight.

Namaste <3



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  1. I love Child’s pose or anything to open up the chest and strengthen the upper back. I get so stiff and hunched working at a computer all day!

  2. My favorite pose is downward dog. I love that it stretches everything!

  3. I LOVE the child’s pose, it’s a classic.

  4. I have a love hate relationship with pigeon pose. It’s my favorite because my hips feel so open after it but hate it during the stretch!!

  5. The crow pose! 🙂

  6. Triangle is my favorite!

  7. Downward dog!

  8. Child’s pose. It is so relaxing.

  9. its hard to pick just one. sometimes childs pose. sometimes triangle. sometimes half crescent. and sometimes pigeon!

  10. Downward facing dog is my favourite pose. I like the stretch!

  11. Liza McAlister says:

    I love triangle pose and downward dog. I am not too advanced in my yoga skills but would love to improve.

  12. Love Pigeon Pose. Great hip opener!

  13. Triangle!

  14. Crow pose it really makes you feel like you can do anything!

  15. I’ve been wanting to start practicing yoga for a very long time, but just haven’t gotten around to it. This would be the perfect way for me to ease into it!

  16. Downward Dog

  17. Love to hate the squat pose–working on loosening up my hips!

  18. This is exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you for the opportunity.

  19. I have a pretty deep love-hate relationship with chaturanga. The pose makes my arms feel like they’re on fiyah and kind of make me hate the world, but it’s oh-so effective!

  20. the crow pose

  21. Child’s pose haha. It’s just comfy.

  22. Lately my favorite pose is shoulder stand, I feel so strong and centered when I do it!

  23. Right now, triangle is my favorite.

  24. I haven’t done yoga much at all, but am becoming more interested. This would be an awesome way to start!

  25. Crow or pigeon

  26. Brittney Short says:

    Child’s pose!

  27. I live in a small town with no yoga studio. This sounds awesome!

  28. ariana grlj says:

    i’m going to go with child’s pose because it’s my reward for doing a more difficult pose haha

  29. Shoulder stand!

  30. It took me so long to finally be able to hold Crow. Now that I can, it’s my favorite pose!

  31. child’s pose because it took me FOREVER to do it due to the emotional blockage I had and refusal to get “vlunerable” and “comfortable”
    Love, Lisa

  32. Child’s pose is so relaxing:)

  33. I love pigeon pose and child’s pose!

  34. I am loving bridge pose lately!

  35. Child’s pose after a hard workout, hands down!

  36. I love downward dog!

  37. Pigeon pose. Get those hips!

  38. Downward dog is my all time favorite 🙂

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