11/2: Friday Faves

I think the little humpday holiday made the weekend arrive so much faster. Chocolate and a quick weekend- hey, I can get on board with that. Anything fun going on over the next few days? Please let me know if you’d like a November workout calendar and I’ll have it up by Sunday morning (Sunday will be a rest/active recovery day).

Here are some faves from the week:

Getting to wear one of the Pilot’s old flight suits, aka his work jammies, to teach on Halloween. Even though the booty part hung down looooow (he’s quite a bit taller), I loved wearing it to teach a treadmill class and assist stretch. My friend asked if I was going to teach Zumba in it, which I considered for about 2 seconds before saying no way. We did do a Thriller dance (mostly based on this one) and it was a blast.

Photo 25

(With Meggie)

Some delicious eats:

Festive fall salads for the Pilot and myself: pan-seared and baked salmon (with garlic, sea salt, olive oil and pepper), greens, chopped green apple, dried cranberries and a lemon vinaigrette (lemon juice, lemon zest, olive oil, Dijon, and a little honey). It was outta.this.world. Will certainly be making this again… like next week.

Photo 24

An enormous batch of veggie soup, using some of the veggies from our farm box. I made it mostly for Oliv -little miss loves herself some soup- so I kept everything plain and let it slow-cook in veggie broth while we went on Halloween adventures. When we got home, I plopped in the immersion blender and whirred away to creamy soup glory, stored and froze some for Liv, and then seasoned the rest with sea salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar.

Veg 7

Cute baby butternuts


carrots and potatoes.

This is totally random (and not a fave) but this is what happened to my left hand after touching the peeled potatoes:

Potato hand

The pic was taken after washing my hands 4 times. I grew scales!! WTH is that about? It was super itchy and dry, like an allergic reaction. At least the soup was worth the  dino hand.

I packed up some to take to work the next day, along with a salad (greens, tomatoes, mint, cucumber and goat cheese- all but the last from our farm box) and the rest of my work snacks. 

Soup and salad 2

Fresh juices all around


to wash down the Halloween candy minis 😉

I loved seeing everyone’s pics this week! Thank you so much for checking in and letting me know what you’re up to food and fitness-wise.

Here are some of the recipe highlights:

@scaspelich made the Sweet Potato Chocolate Chunk cookies

Photo 26 

@abbstars made the quinoa trail mix muffins, which are sadly long gone in our house. Definitely going to make another batch as prep for next week.Photo 27

LOTS of candy corn popcorn floating around the blog world this week, too.

Here’s @runprincipessa ‘s: 






and @studiocuisine made pumpkin amazeballs!

Namaste November. Can we just talk about this for a sec? I am BLOWN AWAY by your awesome enthusiasm for the November challenge! So many of you have signed up and checked in already- I can already tell it’s going to be so much fun, and a great way to add some calmness to the craziness. I have a yoga practice planned for tonight and I can’t wait. If you’re just now learning about the challenge, it’s not too late and we’d love to have you! Check out all the details here. It’s totally free and if you don’t have an iPhone to download the app, leaving a comment via the website is a breeze. 

Have a very happy Friday! <3

See ya later on the Family page with our DIY costume how-to.



New on the Fashion page: Make your own gorgeous pop of color necklace

Taking suggestions: I’m hoping to plan some type of group philanthropic event for the holiday season. The original idea was another Luon for a Cause, but I feel like we could do bigger (and better) than that. If you have any ideas, please don’t hesitate to send them my way! fitnessista at gmail dot com, tweet or Facebook 

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  1. mm that soup looks great. so great that your kid loves veggies!

  2. That thing happened to my hand when I peeled a butternut squash before. I think it went away the next day. So weird!

    • Yeah! Butternut squash totally does that to your skin if you peel it raw! My whole hand swelled once after I peeled one. And then it got scaly but it goes away eventually!
      Totally weird!

      • Yep, it’s the squash. Same thing happens to me if I touch raw pumpkin or courgette (zucchini). It’s called “Irritant Contact Dermatitis” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irritant_contact_dermatitis):

        “Butternut squash and Acorn squash have been known to cause an allergic reaction in many individuals, especially in food preparation where the squash skin is cut and exposed to the epidermis.[6] Food handlers and kitchen workers should take precautions to wear rubber or latex gloves when peeling butternut and acorn squash to avoid temporary Butternut squash (Cucurbita moschata) dermatitis[7] A contact dermatitis reaction to butternut or acorn squash may result in orange and cracked skin, a sensation of “tightness”, “roughness” or “rawness”.[8] Applying Cortisone cream to the affected area should stop the reaction within 24 hours.”

    • That happens to me with butternut squash too! It was horrible, my skin felt so tight and scaly.

  3. Jackie7288 says:

    Love the healthy eats! I’ve been keeping up with my HIIT classes here in NYC as well as running some races. Please put a November workout calendar!

    Ps – I downloaded some yoga apps on my phone to help me keep up with namaste November 🙂

  4. My hand did that after peeling zucchini. I’ve read that it is a secretion from the squash when peeling that causes the scales and itching.

  5. Everytime you talk about your job it sounds like so much fun. And, I did my yoga practice this morning for Namaste Novemeber

  6. I’m so excited for Namaste November! The app has been a little wonky for me but I think it’s a great idea and can’t wait to see everyone’s posts and pics!

  7. My hands get like that whenever I peel squash or zucchini. Sticky and gross but it goes away.

    My son (14 months) is being a bit of a picky eater lately so I think I’m going to try soup.

  8. I loved Luon for a Cause and would gladly support that again.

  9. I would love a November workout calendar!

  10. Re: scaly hand: My boyfriend and I get co-op shares every week, so Wednesdays are produce prep kitchen blitz nights–he’s complained twice now about the veggies drying his hands out (this week it was butternut squash). I haven’t noticed it myself, but my hands are actually always super dry, so I wouldn’t know the difference. I wonder if it’s specific to starches??

  11. Mmhm, I agree with what’s been said above. That happens to my hands every time after peeling/managing butternut squash. I’m willing to put up with scales for yumminess, though. 🙂

  12. Yeah that happened to me yesterday when I peeled a butternut squash!

  13. It wasn’t from the potatoes, it was from the butternut squash. If you cut peeled butternut, there is something in the squash that makes your skin react that way. I have to wear gloves now when I peel them to avoid it.

  14. My boyfriend (navy pilot) ALWAYS says he just wears pajamas all day! I almost bought a flight suit to be him for Halloween!

  15. Calendar please

  16. TheKitchn just had a post about skin reaction to butternut squash – http://www.thekitchn.com/red-itchy-peeling-hands-could-be-butternut-squash-dermatitis-179545

  17. You always make the yummiest looking food.

  18. Vera Gorica says:

    Very excited for namaste November. With 2 kids under 4, I could always use a bit more relaxing “me” time 🙂

  19. Rose from Holland says:

    I had the same thing happening to my hand after cutting up a zucchini! So weird!
    I would looove a November calendar, so yes please!! 🙂

  20. I don’t remember if I’ve tried this after peeling a butternut squash, but whenever there’s something sticky or stained on my hands I use baking soda to scrub them. That usually does the trick!

  21. Mmmm…that soup looks great! I never really thought about blending up a veggie soup; that would eliminate my need for noodles or rice 🙂

    I’m so glad you’re getting a good response to Namaste November. I started last night and I am really excited to incorporate even a few minutes per day into my daily routine….and yes! I really want a November calendar. I’m changing things up this month and my plan was to try to follow yours. TGIF girl!

  22. The butternut reaction has happened to me too. Last time it was so bad! Thought I had touched a chemical some how.

    I wear gloves now!

    I’ve heard two things: it is an actual skin reaction or it is just the film on the squash (ew!). Regardless it is a B**** to come off!

  23. this happened to me when i was cooking butternut squash! I was freaking out a little, and tried scrubbing it off! Now i need to know how the heck this happens!

  24. Always happens to me after peeling squash too! I always thought I was just weird haha!
    Love the namaste November too! I always mean to do more yoga but it always gets pushed back and then forgotten about, excited for a little accountability!

  25. I would love a Novemer calendar. I’m new to your blog and followed the October calendar and I have seen really great results!!

  26. Wow, crazy reaction on your hand! I get really itchy and weird bumps on my hands after touching certain fruits and vegetables sometimes (not always though; sometimes pineapple will do it to me or kiwi) but never from squash! Hope it goes away soon!

  27. The scaley thing totally happens to me when I peel/chop any kinds of squash (like the 14 pounds of blue hubbard the other night!)

  28. Would love to see a November calendar, and also hoping for a post along the lines of how to make this a great November – I always love those. Thanks!

  29. That’s very bizarre your hands were itchy! I know when cutting things high in starch, like potatoes or any other squash. Sometimes if your hands are dry, the starch comes off on your hands which makes it scaly like that. It shouldn’t get irritated though. Hopefully it goes away. I’ve kind of been obsessed with soups lately! I think I’ve had them almost every night with dinner this week. They are just amazing this time of year.

  30. What kind of goat cheese did you use on your salad? Is it from Trader Joes?

  31. That happens to me whenever I peel squash too! I looked it up and apparently some enzyme in the sap or moisture of the squash that comes out when you peel it gives most people contact dermatitis. There’s some speculation it maybe from the beta carotene also. Whatever the case, it’s pretty whack!

    Your salmon salad looks AMAZING! Going to have to run to the store now to pick up some salmon because I’m practically drooling.

  32. Yes please on the November workout calendar Gina!!! It keeps me soooo motivated/is a lifesaver!! Thanks so much for all the extra work you do for us:)

  33. As if you even have to ask-yes please to calendar!!

  34. When I first saw your candy candy corn recipe I was very excited and wanted to make it for the ladies at work. However, where I live small town canada, NO ONE had candy corn. I was miffed to say the least.

  35. Eep. That used to happen to me all the time when I was peeling butternut, so now I make sure to wear gloves. And my mom used to make those kind of blended soups for me all the time when I was little – I miss them!

  36. I’d love a November calendar! The October one was awesome!

  37. Love that you wore one of your pilot’s flight suits as a costume. I have done that several times – one of my favorite costumes!!!

  38. Stephanie says:

    I would love a November calendar. It will help keep me accountable during the start of the holiday season and my birthday month 🙂

  39. Yes please on a November calendar.

  40. Yum! I really need to make these amazeballs sometime!

  41. You remind me that I need to juice again-that looks SO good!!!

  42. Tomatoes in a November CSA box? That’s ….. unexpected. my CSA has stopped with the tomatoes for months now.

  43. Way late but same thing happens to me when I cut butternut squash. I bought a package of disposable gloves I wear whenever I handle it!

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