11/25: Pics from the day


Bfast 7


Me and liv 7


Market 2

Market 3

Market 4



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  1. Pretty pics! I love posts where the blogger tells the story without words. πŸ˜‰

  2. I hope you bought some of those peppers. They are gorgeous!!!!

  3. Looks like it was a beautiful November day in the neighborhood πŸ™‚

  4. Love your pics from the day! Also you have the best body- so fit and in shape!

  5. Omg I love that last picture! So heart warming. πŸ˜€ I’m jealous you have sunshine! It’s snowing and freezing here!

  6. I love how interested Liv is in your wrap :-p

  7. Elizabeth M. says:

    I love the last pic! “Don’t mind me, I’ll just help myself”

  8. That last pic is adorable!

  9. Love seeing your piccies! Ahh Liv is so beautiful.

  10. Great photos! Particularly love the ones of your little crepe eating buddy πŸ™‚

    Also, random, but: do you mind sharing what style of running tights you’re wearing in the above photo (assuming you like them)? I’m in the market for some new running knickers. Like the styling of the ones you have on but can’t make out the brand from the picture. Thanks so much!

  11. Gorgeous pics from a gorgeous day Gina!

    Your fit bod in the workout gear is also giving me some serious motivation to work out today…Also funny that Liv looks nearly half your height! They grow so fast. My sister just had a little girl who is 2 months now – every week I see her she looks different.

  12. Ive been super busy and haven’t popped past here for a while and Livi has grown up SO much.
    Such a cutie patootie.. x

  13. Hey! I just found your blog and I’m so glad I did!
    Looks like a great day!

  14. How fabulous Gina that you can enjoy a year round farmer’s market!

  15. That salsa looks incredible I’d like to swim in it! And Olivia is so adorable grabbing at your food!!

  16. The farmer’s market looks amazing, I’m so jealous yours is still open! That last picture of you and Liv is too cute!

  17. Beverly Aragon says:

    LOVE the last pic…priceless!

  18. Send some of that weather my way!

  19. I hope this doesn’t come off as creepy, but you have the nicest butt! haha!

  20. What a lovely day!

  21. Liv seems like she wants to devour that wrap looking thing and I can’t blame her because it looks so good!!

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