1/6: Some Pics from the Day

Market  1 of 1 2


Market  1 of 1
Market  1 of 1
Crepe  1 of 1
With dad  1 of 1 3
With dad  1 of 1 2
Dates  1 of 1
Dates  1 of 1 2
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  1. cutes.Family.ever. I would like some salsa too. <3

  2. OMG. Is that banana & Nutella crepe?

  3. Wish our farmers market was still open! I miss it!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Those sunglasses look really cute on you!

  5. Lovely pics! Those crepes look amazing!

  6. yummy, the food looks delicious, and your daughter is adorable!

    xo, Jin


  7. I don’t allow Nutella in the house, and it’s devastating. 😉 All of you girls are precious!

  8. looks like a fun day! those little walking pics are too cute 🙂

  9. The photos of pilot and liv are great. What a lovely family

  10. Those dates look amazing! (the food and the people ;))

  11. Love the picture of you and Liv at the market. So cute!

  12. Sweetest sleepy baby face EVER!!

  13. The picture of you and Livi is adorable. I also love the daddy daughter pictures! Mr. Tom is a proud daddy! Can you believe you have been a mother for almost a year?

  14. Bella and Caroline are so cute! Is she doing better?

  15. It’s so pretty there! I’m amazed at the colorful trees, Phoenix doesn’t have that!

  16. Oh how I wish we had a farmers market all year around here! *sigh*

    Love the pic of you and Liv, super cute and super sweet!

    Hope your week is great girl! <3

  17. You have the most adorable little fam! Live, you, the puppies and the pilot are a great looking bunch 🙂

  18. Are those dates, yum! Your fam is so cute. 🙂

  19. Angela I. says:

    I recognize that hoodie Liv is wearing! I work at Gymboree, haha! 🙂

  20. So jealous that your farmer’s market is still open! Those crepes look to die for!

  21. Gorgeous! I really can’t believe how quickly Olivia has grown up. She’s such a pretty little lady. And I could eat just eat Caroline. I used to pet sit for a Cavalier named Charlotte who looked like her – so sweet! I’m so glad her and Bella are best friends.

    • Fitnessista says:

      thank you!
      yes, i’m so glad it worked out like i’d hoped. they’re snuggled on the couch together right now

  22. Gina…the picture of you holding Olivia made me swoon. The look on her little face is absolutely angelic. Olivia loves her madre!

  23. That picture of you and Liv captures the endearing love of mom/child. That is a keeper!

  24. She’s walking! Cute!

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