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Summer Shape Up 2012: Week 2 Meals

Hey everyone! Congrats on an amazing first week of Summer Shape Up! If you’re wondering what this is all about, check out the intro post.  I’m so excited to see that so many of you have been following the meal ideas and altering them to suit your needs. This week, I tried to include a little more variety, and as before, I didn’t tally up the nutritional info for each day. If you find yourself needing more, be sure to add in extra snacks as you see fit- remember, you shouldn’t feel hungry on this plan, and use whole foods to make sure you’re nourished and energized.

The meals are planned Monday-Friday, Saturday as a leftover/treat day and Sunday as a planning day. Take it easy over the weekend. Chances are that you’ll go out to eat, may want something you might not have during the week, so go for it, enjoy it and be ready to get back on the bus on Monday. I think the mindset of having treats to look forward to makes it easier to “be good” throughout the week. If there’s something during the week that you want, that isn’t the healthiest choice, then enjoy it and shuffle things around a little bit. Be flexible and be kind to yourself. Treats are there for a reason, but since this is an “increase muscle, decrease fat” plan, it doesn’t include treats every single day. It focuses on whole, healthy foods, with room for a little bit of the treat-y stuff on the weekend if you so desire. Do whatcha need to do :)

-Hydration: sip lots of water throughout the day, coffee with a little bit of almond milk or cream + Stevia, plain tea and coconut water. Emphasize good ol’ fashioned H2O and if you’re bored with it, try infusing a pitcher of water with herbs or berries

-Goals: at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day and at least 8 glasses of water

-Checking in: each day, I’ll have a place in my am blog post to check in with your workouts and if you met your eating goals that day. Please send me pics of you pumping iron, getting in cardio or a meal you created @fitnessista #summershapeup. I can’t wait to see them and will post my faves every Friday!

This week’s meals and grocery list:


The recipes:
Sweet potato spaghetti with Italian turkey sausage + salad
Grilled chicken (or protein) with goat cheese stuffed mushrooms and greens
Chickpea cakes and greens
Who’s grocery shopping today?? Check in here when you’ve planned and prepped for the week!
*Thank you to Katy for designing the Summer Shape Up graphics! Hit her up if you need any work done- she’s amazing (katymalatesta at gmail dot com)

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