Betty Crocker it up

Hey! Happy humpday!! Hope you’re all doing well I’ve been much less of a klutz today, which has been bueno, and didn’t have appointments at the gym, so I split up my day between making foodie for tonight and lounging poolside. Lovely balance of work and play I had a green juice of spinach, cucumber, […]

Summer Shape Up Week 7

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a great day <3 I definitely am, even though I’m back in Valdizzy. Thank you so much for the sweet Blogiversary wishes!!! It’s be a super fun year I can’t believe that I forgot to mention my decision to become a quasitarian in the re-cap post. I guess I’ve just […]

They say its your blogiversary

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a WHOLE YEAR!!! I’m so happy that I decided to start this little hobby –when the pilot told me I needed a new one after many hours spent online shopping- and have gotten to meet and “know” so many amazing bloggies Thank you so […]

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