A new racing buddy

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for the sweet comments on the Summer Shape Up re-cap – congats again to the winners and participants! *****I’ve gotten a few comments/emails asking if I would put all of the workouts into one post so they’re easier to find—I’ll be working on that for ya this week Since I […]

Summer Shape Up Re-cap

Hi everyone! Happy Monday? Hope you all had a beautiful weekend! Here is the FINAL re-cap of the Summer Shape Up!!! We did this challenge for 12 weeks (I know, it was a doozy) and thank you to all of you who stuck with it for the entire time. The reason the challenge was so […]

New cut and at-home restaurant meal

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! I promised I’d post a pic of the new cut… and the question is whether I got straight-across bangs or not… NOPE! I’m still rockin’ the side bangs But I did get 4 INCHES TAKEN OFF! My hair hasn’t been this short in quite a while! All the dead ends are […]

Feeling adventurous

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend is treating you well This one has been particularly glorious because we kicked it off with some INDIAN FOOD!!! I actually got something different this time: Veg jalfraze (spicy, with no potatoes) It had carrots, peas, green beans, cauliflower and foodgasms And roti: We had a blasty with Jeni and […]

See ya later, vino

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Sorry I’m a little late posting today- it’s been my catch-up day since I worked a little more this past week. I had to try one of the raw almond butter-stuffed macaroons when I walked downstairs this morning: And it was every bit as evil and foodgasmic as it looks. Why […]

Welcome to my cocina

Heyyy hey hey! How are ya? Things are bueno over here… perhaps it’s because I have a wine and Mexican food baby in my belly?? This afternoon I had the only pre-workout standby: And did some weights with Jeni. No cardio for this girl today because my body (especially my leggies!) are painin’ from yesterdays […]

Raw Arrabiata sauce and an evil deed

Hey everyone! How’s your day goin? Mine has been bueno I started it off with the best kind of sludge… because it was PINK! 1 banana, 1 saturn peach, 1/3 bag frozen organic strawberries, 1 carton of O.N.E coconut water, 1 scoop Vega smoothie infusion (I’m obsessed), a date, 1/2 avocado, sea salt, vanilla, Stevia […]

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