Making plans and Indian feast

Hey everyone! Hope you had a fabulous day Afternoon snack was my favorite healthy popcorn (popped in a paper bag for <2 min and topped with nutritional yeast and sea salt) and a side of America’s Next Top Model: I love the fact that ANTM is on Oxygen basically all day—it’s one of those shows […]

New hummus apparatus

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a happy humpday aka Indian Food Day! We’ll be hitting up our favorite Indian place as soon as I finish Zumba. I was thinking about making dinner to save some dinero, since we got to pay some sweet dollars for Bella’s vet visit, but the pilot and I need a […]

Sibling rivalry

Hey guys! HOLY MOLY! I am so very thankful for all of your heartfelt comments, thoughts, good vibes and advice on today’s doggie crisis. I loved reading them and each one put a smile on my raccoon face –bad day to wear mascara You certainly know how to pick a girl up when she’s feeling […]

Breakfast dessert and disaster strikes

Hey guys! Hope you’re having a good day The jumble-aya last night came out beautifully: The combo was so delicious and comforting- spices, veggies, kidney beans and short grain brown rice. I forgot how much I really love brown rice:   (I had 1.5 bowls of the good stuff) The pilot and I chilled for […]

Macaroon winner and jumbly dinner

Hiiiiii bloggies Hope you’re having a great night! First things first…let’s see who the macaroon winner is! Using random number generator, the lucky comment is: Jerilynne August 24th, 2009 at 8:55 am · Reply · Edit Greatest giveaway for a Monday morning ever =). I am totally an ice cream person – as far as […]

Sneaky popcorn debate

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a great day <3 WHOA! It looks like ya’ll wanted some macaroons! Keep those entries coming- I’ll announce the winner tonight after spin and Zumba I started the day with a lovely Cullen juice: (4 carrots, 1/2 giant beet, and 1 gala apple) And took the puppies on their morning […]

“Grill it up” and a small giveaway

Hey everyone! Back to the grind, eh?? Hope your Monday is treating ya well so far I felt a little off yesterday after Saturday night’s shenanigans but I was so happy to make dinner with the pilot. We’ve started a habit of grilling on Sunday nights and it feels like such a great way to […]

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