Just one of them days

Hey everyone! Sorry about my little impromptu hiatus there. Friday was an off day for me on all counts, but when I finally felt ready to post, I found out that the ghetto hotel’s internet is still down and no one knows when it will be fixed. Lovely. So I’m going to be bumming wireless […]

RAD Workout #1

Hey everyone! Happy almost-Friday! I’m just so happy right now. I slept peacefully last night, took the morning off from the gym and have a belly full of veggies. Life es bueno This morning we talked about food that we were brought up with and how these foods comforted us and still give us beautiful […]

I can hang my hat

Hey everyone! How was your day?? Mine was bueno, but just turned into fantastic when I logged into my bloggy account and saw this post pop up. Here’s what Emma G. had to say: Deep Thoughts by Emma G. This post changed my life. No, I’m not talking about Banana Soft Serve, though that one […]

A kombucha convert?

Hey everyone! Happy humpday! I am totally blown away by the amazing discussion we had yesterday regarding food and fitness blogs. After reading through and responding to your incredible comments, I think the general consensus is: Food/fitness blogs are incredibly motivating but can also be a source of comparison which can lead to feelings of […]

Food/fitness blogs: Pressure or Motivation??

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a great day I wanted to take a second and discuss something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and something I’ve been pondering even more since I read Jenna’s amazing post on one comparing themselves to food/fitness blogs. If I rewound back a handful of years, I could see […]

The masked sleeper

Hiiiiii Happy Tuesday to ya! How’s your morning going? Mine has been bueno- I had a sweaty treadmill workout (hills, running hills, sprint intervals, hill walking, tempo work for 55 minutes) and made this green sludge for bfast. I just took a sip and um, it tastes like death. Breakfast may become something else. Blended […]

Time for a quickie

Hi everyone! It’s been a longie of a day/night, but I wanted to say a quick “hi” and let ya’ll know that I got the first “About” page done: How I Feast. Hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think! See ya in the morning with a glorious dinner and the results […]

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