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The masked sleeper

Hiiiiii 😀 Happy Tuesday to ya! How’s your morning going? Mine has been bueno- I had a sweaty treadmill workout (hills, running hills, sprint intervals, hill walking, tempo work for 55 minutes) and made this green sludge for bfast. I just took a sip and um, it tastes like death. Breakfast may become something else. […]

Time for a quickie

Hi everyone! It’s been a longie of a day/night, but I wanted to say a quick “hi” and let ya’ll know that I got the first “About” page done: How I Feast. Hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think! See ya in the morning with a glorious dinner and the results […]

Showing the coconuts who’s boss

Hey guys! How’s your Monday going?? I’m so glad you’re enjoying the pilot’s post so far—I loved waking up to that this morning 😀 He’s a keeper, right? 😉 So this morning, I woke up after a host of terrifying nightmares (I have NO idea where they came from, but it was horrible and I […]

Viesa and Me

Hey everyone! No, the Fitnessista isn’t suddenly typing in a much deeper voice. You’ve got The Pilot for this post. My better half is taking a much needed break this morning before starting her day. So, how’re you guys doing? I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was great. After working until midnight with […]

Lead legs and pancakes

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday to ya 😀 The rest of yesterday was bueno and I actually had a disaster-free work night! Miraculous, I know 😀 Before leaving for work, I made myself an open-faced salad with some of the goodies I picked up at the health food store.   Organic kale, leftover sushi veggies, raw […]

Let’s pretend it’s my birthday

So that I may have a raw cacao cake that looks like THIS: Isn’t it stunning?? I wish so badly that I could take credit for it (and um, eat it) but alas I cannot—that gorgeous work of art was done by Meredith (a raw chef) and her friend. Incredible, huh?? So after gushing over […]

Stuffed to the gills

Hey guys! How are ya?? Are you doing the Friday dance?? You know I am 😀 Work last night was bueno. We did get a little busy while I was working desserts by myself, but I handled it like an (almost) pro 😉 Right before leaving, I munched a glorious summer roll before heading to […]

Under the sea

Hey ya’ll! *in my best Paula Deen voice* Hope your day is going swimmingly 🙂 I can’t even tell you how great it felt to take a day off from the gym this morning and sleep a little. I did have to wake up in 45 minute intervals to rotate my laundry –the woes of […]

A beautiful bloggy dinner

Hey everyone! How are ya? I’m bueno over here… even though I’m moving a little slowly after last night’s vino 😉 To re-wind a little to the last part of yesterday’s class, we went in after lunch and starting working on some fig tarts. We were given the option to use the very basic recipe […]

Adventures in fermenting

Hey everyone! Hope your day is going well 😀 I’m lunch blogging at school, and we’ve already done so much today! We continued our adventures in fermenting and made some raw yogurt, which is fermenting in the dehydrator Guess I won’t be missing my greek yogurt anymore- this stuff tastes REMARKABLY like it, and can […]

Gooey goodness

Hey guys! Happy humpday!! How’s your morning going?? Work was a lot of fun last night – we were BUSY!- and I didn’t get to take too many pics. I did have to snap one of the raw brownies Kelly and I made: They’re soooo chocolately and foodgasmic. We serve them with marshmallow creme and […]

Fridge full of fermentation

Hi bloggies 😀 How are ya??? We did SO MUCH in school today… the theme: fermentation I was especially stoked about this subject because this is something I’m not too familiar with. You could say I’m not exactly a pro at rotting things before eating them 😉 Our first project was making sauerkraut, which is […]