What a Year

Hey everyone! Hope you have something fun going on tonight :D Please remember to be safe while you’re out and about!

It has been a heck of a year in the Fitnessista casa :D

I ran my first half marathon:

half medal

My love got back from a 6 month deployment:


We traveled to Tucson:



tom and i









CALI with the POM peeps- I was very lucky that they included me in the group of bloggers, and they paid for my trip out to Fresno




And Oklahoma, where I went to culinary school at 105degrees:D


I ate and made some amazing food (lots of raw goodness!)

spring rolls




Made lots of macaroons




Fell even more in love with yoga

yoga room


Dressed the dogs up like fiona and shrek for Halloween


Had a Christmas with the pilot! (It’s a rare thing)


And had a blasty with friends and family, training clients, teaching aerobics on base and writing this little blog :D

Thank you so much to all of you lovely readers for sharing my shenanigans and adventures this year! I <3 you all :)

Have a safe, happy, fabulous and FIT New Year :D



What are you most proud of this year?? I’d have to say going to culinary school was my number one. It was such a fun and rewarding experience :D

Glamour…and so much pain


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Vegan Power Cookies

bfast cookie

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Swimmin’ in the AB jar


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Blast from the Past


Hey everyone! How are ya?? I’m bueno over here Last night, dinner was simple and satisfying. BBQ salmon (marinated in OrganicVille BBQ sauce, which is sweetened with agave!), sweet potato rounds (with olive oil, sea salt and pepper) and roasted asparagus (with sea salt, pepper and garlic powder). It was everything I could ever want […]

Four is the new Seven


Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a great night Thanks so much for your sweet comments on the workout video- if you enjoy them, I’ll keep ‘em coming. Stay tuned for a Zumba video in the near future, too Look what came in the mail! THE FAMOUS LOST GARMIN I was so stoked when we got […]

WMOW #1: The Lunge and Lift


WMOW = Workout Move Of the Week Hey everyone! Hope the rest of your weekend went well If you’re just getting back from vacay, here are some things that went down over the weekend: -I went to up into the wilderness and stayed in a cabin in Gatlinburg (Part 1 & Part 2) -We talked […]

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