Reader’s Request: When Food and Family Collide


Hey everyone! Hope your weekend is wrapping up beautifully I’ve received quite a few requests on what to do when your eating habits differ from family and friends and how to nourish your body the way you see fit, when others verbally disagree. Before we get started, a little disclaimer that I post on sensitive […]

Fun with Flip


Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a wonderful day We’re still in vacation mode (ie, in pajamas and being bums) but I thought I’d show ya a couple of gifties from the recent holiday. Most of them you’ll be seeing on the bloggy in upcoming posts, but I had to post these two for […]

Gatlinburrrrrg Part Dos


Hi everyone! Hope your Saturday night is going well…and that you’re not spending it in a car, like yours truly At least I have a puppy and some eye candy. Christmas in Gatlinburg was lovely <3 We chilled on the deck for a little while, waiting for our little nephew to wake up and open […]

Gatlinburrrrrg Part 1


Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the fun comments on our goofy Christmas pictures. Hope ya’ll had a Merry Christmas and are spending this weekend with those you love <3 I guess I like this guy enough We had an awesome Christmas Eve walking around Gatlinburg with the in-laws. Gatlinburg is a supercute little […]

Merry Christmas, Bloggies <3


To those of you who are celebrating today! To everyone else, HAPPY FRIDAY! I’ll be back in full blogging action tomorrow morning with part 1 of our Gatlinburg trip   Peeeeeace, yo

Child of the Wild


Eh, this place is ok I guess Howdy from the Smoky Mountains! We got in late last night and I haven’t seen a ghost or been captured by a sasquatch yet, so I’d say that’s a win The scenery is a double win. We definitely hit some traffic on the way up: But after making […]

Mountain Woman


Hey guys! How are ya?? I’m bueno- stoked to visit the Smoky Mountains My face us just oozing excitement, no? Ok, so I’m a little…lot…. afraid. If you’ve ever been to the Smoky Mountains, please assure me I won’t get captured by sasquatch or see a ghost The pilot’s Jeep is PACKED to the brim! […]

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