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Child of the Wild

Eh, this place is ok I guess 😉 Howdy from the Smoky Mountains! We got in late last night and I haven’t seen a ghost or been captured by a sasquatch yet, so I’d say that’s a win 😀 The scenery is a double win. We definitely hit some traffic on the way up: But […]

Mountain Woman

Hey guys! How are ya?? I’m bueno- stoked to visit the Smoky Mountains My face us just oozing excitement, no? Ok, so I’m a little…lot…. afraid. If you’ve ever been to the Smoky Mountains, please assure me I won’t get captured by sasquatch or see a ghost 😉 The pilot’s Jeep is PACKED to the […]

Gimme Gimme S’more

“First you take the graham You stick the chocolate on the graham Then you roast the ‘mallow When the ‘mallows flaming… you stick it on the chocolate. Then cover with the other end. Then you stuff.” Movie guesses anyone?? For the record, I may or may not have had a crush on Benny the Jet […]

Where are you, Garmin?

Sing it to the tune of “Where are you, Christmas?” The Faith Hill version 😉 Heyyyyyy 😀 How are you?? I’m so stoked that ya’ll liked the Mandy Ingber review and Reader’s Request yesterday 😀 If you have any more reader’s request ideas for a post, please to send them my way! Yesterday was a […]

Reader’s Request: Fab Abs

Hey bloggies 😀 It’s time for another reader’s request post! Hey Gina, I work out my abs pretty often and still don’t see any definition! Any tips? Also, what are your favorite ab exercises??? Thanks! Ahh, the coveted toned girly abbies.   (Source) Now, I’ve never been one to desire a serious 6 pack. The […]

They know me too well

Hey hey hey! Happy Monday! I’m still cracking up from reading your rapper names 😀 Hilarious. Somehow this week doesn’t seem like such a doozy.. I’m stoked for holiday time! The only bummer is that I miss my family a lot during this time of the year… good news is that I’ll see them in […]

Talented Rapper

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday to ya 😀 Hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend. We saw Avatar in 3-D last night… all I have to say is whoa. It was crazy good and I’m not a big Sci-Fi buff. The story line was intense –and I loved the message it focused on- and the special effects […]

Elves at work

I’m not the only one in this family with a snowman obsession 😉 How are ya’ll doing?? Hope your weekend is going well so far! The pilot and I slept in this morning.. and it felt soooooo good 😀 Something even better? Breakfast was PINK! I hate pink, in case you couldn’t tell 😉 Into […]

Unintentional bloggy vacay

Hey everyone! I MISSED YOU! I am so incredibly sorry about all of the blog problems yesterday. My site (and Mama Pea’s) were hacked and someone/thing installed malicious software, which most of you got a warning stating that visiting my blog was potentially dangerous. We have excellent security on the bloggy, but just wanted to […]

Season’s Eatings

Hey lovely bloggies 😀 How are ya?? Good news: IT’S FRIDAY (unless you’re an Aussie reader, from the future!) 😀 Thanks so much for your sweet comments on the Raw Gingerbread Bites– if anyone makes them, please let me know what you think! Sorry for disappearing on ya yesterday… between working, prepping stuff for dinner […]

Raw Gingerbread Bites

Take these little guys to your next holiday party, or just make them to have around the casa… because they’re good. Really, really good 😉 Raw Gingerbread Bites Makes 8- recipe can easily be doubled (or quadrupled) -1 C buckwheat four (buckwheat groats ground into a fine flour with the Vitamix) – 1/2 C almond […]

Not from the blue box

Heyyyy 😀 Hope your night is going well! Mine has been a little more chill than originally intended. My glasses have given me the worst headache –I’m just not used to them at all- and I ended up skipping Pilates and canceling Zumba. I feel badly for canceling my class but there was no way […]