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Dough Issues

Heyyyyy 🙂 Happy Sunday! How’s your weekend been? My Saturday was bueno. I enjoyed the training appointments and nutrition consultation, but it felt SO GOOD to come home to the casa. Some Saturday eats: These bad johnnies The pilot enjoyed his along a sandwich, and I added my portion to a beast. Check out how […]

Not so Lovely

Heyyyyyy 😀 Happy Saturday to ya! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend so far. I love all of the awesome discussion that went down on the last post regarding Biggest Loser and the Jill-meister. Ya’ll are a bunch of intelligent and amazing ladies (and dudes!).. just in case you didn’t already know 😉 We met […]

Mixed Feelings

Hey everyone!! How’s your Friday going?? I can’t believe this is the first chance I’ve had to post all day! It’s been go-go-go over here until now… so here I am 😀 The most exciting eat of the day was definitely this breakfast cookie… It was swimming with SUPERFOOD! To the usual mix, I added […]

The Next Victim…

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a great night 😀 This have been bueno over here… the usual insanity followed by a lovely dose of Grey’s Anatomy. Lunch was a burger and fries: Not your typical Mickey D’s though 😉 That mix was a Wild Alaskan salmon burger smothered with Organicville BBQ sauce with 1/2 butternut […]

Raw Pizza and AB Love

Sup bloggies <3 Hope your almost-Friday is treating ya well! I got up nice and early for a wicked legs workout. Before leaving the casa, I grabbed a Vega Bar (one of the samples they sent me) I seriously love these things. The crunch makes it, and the nutrition stats are wonderful. And some millet […]

An Entirely Different Beast

Hey everyone! Finally in jammies and settled down from the day. How was your Wednesday? Mine started off with protein chia pudding: -1/4 C chia seeds -3/4 C almond milk -1/2 scoop Sun Warrior (off to Amazon to order more.. I’m running low) -cinnamon -maca -Stevia -vanilla -small nanner -small apple -dib dab of almond […]

Reader’s Request: Go-to Gadgets

Hey Gina, Would you mind sharing what your favorite kitchen gadgets are?? I’d love to see what you use to spiralize noodles and make the ‘sludges’ with. Thanks! Emily I’ve been meaning to do a gadget post for ya’ll for quite some time! So, without further slacking adieu, here are my absolute favorites and what […]

The Lunch Bunch

Alternate titles to this post: “Metal Mouth” and “Tofu Trauma”… more on that to follow 😉 Thanks so much for the dress compliments– I’m going to order it today. Now I’m on a mission for SHOES! So after the last time I saw ya’ll, I made a little snacky before I started on the raw […]

Morning greens

Hi everyone! I just want to say hi to all of the new Fitnessista readers out there 😀 Thanks so much for checking out my little bloggy…please kick back and stay for a while. I’ll even make you some green juice 😉 I drank that beauty this morning for a pick-me-up while I made the […]

Blown Away

Hey everyone! I’m blown away by your amazing, enthusiastic and kind responses to the Winter Shape Up. I’ve already received some wonderful feedback from those of you who have already tried the workouts (thank you!!!) and I’m just so stoked that ya’ll are liking it. Seriously, every one of you make this bloggy what it […]

Winter Shape Up 2010

Hi guys! Hope you’re having a wonderful morning. I’m so ridiculously stoked to bring ya’ll the So what exactly is the Winter Shape Up? It’s a spin-off of the Summer Shape Up that I ran last year, which ended up being a lot of fun and a great way to share workout routines and healthy […]

It’s gotta be 105degrees in here

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend is wrapping up nicely 😀 Thanks so much for all of your lovely compliments on last night’s dinner fest. To those of you that asked: the place settings are from Pier 1. My dadoo and stepmom sent them to us and I LOVE them 🙂 So today was a cleaning […]