Archives for February 2010

A New Beast

Hey everyone! How’s your Sunday going? Mine has been pretty glorious. I can enjoy the sun a little bit more when I don’t have to run in it 😉 The pilot and I slept in, and when we woke up, I was hankering for some oat bran. I made a hefty bowl with 1/3 C […]

Treacherous Twelve

Yesterday, I prayed for sun for our long 12-miler. Sun came: And kicked me in the face. It was one of the most challenging, draining, thought-I-wouldn’t-make-it runs in a long time. To rewind a little, I started the day with some chia pudding since chia helps joint lubrication—I figured it would help my knees a […]

Vino, Salmon and Holly

Hey! HAPPY SATURDAY!!! Sorry I was MIA last night- sometimes you just need to lay on the couch, drink a glass of vino and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Which is exactly what I did 🙂 Before making dinner, I had some lovely millet bread: (Earth Balance, maca and cinnamon) Then pan-seared some wild-caught salmon seasoned […]

Lovely Lady [Nose] Lump

Hey everyone 🙂 Wowzas. Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on the last post… Ya’ll made my night with such wonderful and sweet words and I hope you know how much I appreciate it. I was kind of in a bummer mood when I wrote that and you all turned that […]

The Face of Temptation

If this isn’t tempting, I don’t know what is…. Macaroon dough. I always, always save myself a little at the bottom of the bowl, but today I didn’t have any due to my Lenten thang. 100% willpower, beebs. It wasn’t easy though…. I may have had two mugs full of brown rice cereal to distract […]

Mumble Jumble

Hey hey hey 😀 Hope you’re having a fabulous almost-Friday! I LOVE reading all of your name suggestions for the cafe!! I knew you would be an amazing resource and I can’t wait to meet with the owners and pick one out. We’ll let you know tomorrow 🙂 The rest of yesterday started out mellow, […]

Tamater of my dreams + giveaway

Hey everyone! Hope your humpday is treating you well 😀 For dinner last night, I broke out this treasured heirloom tomato. I got it a Whole Foods on Sunday because it was so beautiful, and decided it was destined for some caprese before our dinner last night. I sliced it up and topped with sea […]

Reader’s Request: Hair Schtuff

Hi guys 😀 Hope your morning is going well! From the Ask Me Anything page, I was surprised to see that mixed in with all of the baby questions (which I’ll answer in a near future post), height/weight/size questions (which I probably won’t answer, because that information won’t help anyone..they’re just silly numbers), and the […]

See ya later, sweets

Hey hey hey 😀 How’s your evening going? I loved reading about your Lent ideas and spring challenges- keep ‘em coming 😀 It’s funny because usually I’d be living up Fat Tuesday in full splendor, but after my Valentine’s feast, I don’t feel a need to. I think I’ll be satisfied on the sweet front […]

So Fresh, So Green

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful morning 😀 I ended up staying up too late last night watching the Kardashians and their shenanigans while the pilot studied, and got a little snacky. I still can’t decide whether the tropical fruit tart or the coconut cream pie flavor is my favorite. I just love them […]

Chewy Kombucha

Hi guys 😀 How are ya? Hope that you’ve all had a wonderful day! We’re back in Valdosta.. I’m stoked, can ya tell? 😉 I’m actually not bummed to be back after having such a lovely weekend. This morning, despite all of the vino from last night, I got up early like a champion and […]

V-day in J-ville

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day 😀 Mine was glorious, and definitely a little different than last year’s when the pilot was deployed and I had 15 girlfriends over for a party 😉 The pilot and I dropped off Viesa at the kennel and Bella at funny quote lady’s house, […]