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Carrot Mountain

Hi everyone! How’s your day going?? Mine has been full of training appointments and a small shopping blitz at TJ Maxx –our TJ Maxx here is surprisingly awesome….oh, and a mountain of carrots. Since I couldn’t get that sweet, tasty Indian carrot dish (which, thanks to you guys, I found out was called “Gajar Halwa”) […]

India’s Gone Crackers

Hi guys 😀 How’s your morning going?? Mine is bueno.. it’s a dreary morning in Valdizzy so puppy walking going to wait until this afternoon. Last night, the pilot and I went on a Wednesday night Indian Food date when we got off work. He got the buffet and I thought I’d try something new, […]

Juicy Girl

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for your awesome feedback on the “Getting Started” post 🙂 Hope your Indian Food Wednesday has been going well. As ya’ll know, I’m a Juicy Girl. Not just this kind of juicy:   (Source) (There is a scary amount of Juicy hoodies in my closet) THIS kind of juicy: I’ve […]

Reader’s Request: Getting Started

Hey everyone! Happy Indian Food Wednesday! Who’s celebrating tonight?? *Raises Baigan Bhartha-covered fork in the air* I am! 😀 First things first…. the winner of the amazing yoga giveaway from According to the pilot random number generator (I yelled out “pick a number between 1 and 455), the winner of a YEAR of free […]

One Happy Dehydrator

Hi guys 😀 Looks like ya’ll wanted some yoga! I don’t blame you one bit- it’s an amazing giveaway 🙂 You have until midnight to enter and don’t forget to enter the coupon code “Fitnessista” for 30% off your purchases. I DID have a lot of awesome pics (and macaroon porn) for ya, but […]

Hiatus + Yoga Lovin’

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday 😀 Hope you’re having a good morning. Hiatus Ya’ll know this already if you’re a twitter friend, and it’s a giant bummer, but I’m going to take two full weeks off from cardio and leg work. My knee is still yelling at me and after a pep talk with two trainers […]

Stinky Veg

Hi guys 😀 It’s me againnnnnnn. 😉 How’s your night goin? I’m so glad ya’ll like the pasta primavera recipe- totally appropriate for this time of year! I have a confession to make… Kale is stinky. Not just “put some deodorant on” stinky, but “haven’t-been-washed-in-two-weeks socks on a haven’t-bathed-in-two-weeks man” stinky. Stanky. It’s one of […]

Filling the Void

Hey 😀 Wow. I loved reading your insanely awesome comments to this morning’s discussion post. I know I can always count on you to be honest, classy and well-spoken ladies (and dudes). Thank you! Here is the general consensus: -OpenSky is helpful, but can be kind of annoying -OpenSky is more annoying when bloggers promote […]


Hey everyone! Happy Monday to ya 😀 Hope your morning is going well so far. Last night, it was so glorious to have a meal at home with the pilot, even if that meant I had to cook it 😉 We had a version of Rachael Ray’s Salmon Salad with orange vinaigrette. I’d made it […]

Yes to Hummus

Hiiiii 😀 Sup bloggies? We’re back in Valdosta :/ Even though I’d much rather live in civilization, it always feels good to be home 😉 Before we hit the road, we made a lunch stop at Turtle Mountain (I think that’s the name??)- the same organic market and deli we got the beach picnic goods […]

Fondue It

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday 😀 Hope you’ve had a beautiful and relaxing weekend. Dinner at the Melting Pot was pretty legendary last night. Of course, I relish any opportunity to wear “real” clothes and have a nice dinner 😀 Outfit shot: The best part:   My seksi date: Yeahhhhhhh 😀 When we got to dinner, […]

Birth of a New Pigeon

Hi guys 🙂 Hope you’ve had an amazing first day of spring! We’re doing ok over here 😉 (Permission to swoon is always granted. Ow ow!) This morning, we dropped off Viessy at the kennel and Bella off to funny quotes lady (one of my clients) then hit the road to Jacksonville. It feels so […]