Cycle of Sanity


Hey hey hey Thanks for all of your support regarding the premature ending of Lent I have a raw cherry pie in the freezer to celebrate- more on that in a sec. The pilot and I have been enjoying our farm finds from yesterday This morning, he had cereal and two of the fresh chicken […]

Lent starts with “F”


Hey guys! Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a great day <3 Our farm fresh salads from yesterday were nothing short of amazeballs. Chard, spinach, Organicvile balsamic, roasted asparagus, onion, stripy beet, and honey goat cheese. No words. We did some stuff around the casa, watched Food Revolution a la DVR (incredible), and then met some […]

Here on the farm


Hi guys! Hope you’re having a fun weekend Sorry I’m late posting today.. we had an exciting excursion to a local organic farm I was researching CSAs the other night –I’m pretty sure we’ll be participating in one for the summer- and came across Roberts Farm. They specialize in organic/heirloom products (do NOT believe in […]

How I’m healing


Hey guys! How’s your Friday been?? Mine has been pretty bueno, but even better that it’s officially the weekend! Weekend, I love you so. Thanks for your input on whether or not Fitness books are dead. I agree with what a lot of you are saying and think a cookbook may be a good choice […]

Are Fitness Books dead??


Hi guys HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Hope you have something fun going on this weekend Last night, the girls and I went to McAlister’s and to see Remember Me. McAlister’s was the standard (veggie chili, minus the usual millet bread from my purse) R-Patz was standard –acted and dressed like Edward, which was ok with us- and […]

Carrot Mountain


Hi everyone! How’s your day going?? Mine has been full of training appointments and a small shopping blitz at TJ Maxx –our TJ Maxx here is surprisingly awesome….oh, and a mountain of carrots. Since I couldn’t get that sweet, tasty Indian carrot dish (which, thanks to you guys, I found out was called “Gajar Halwa”) […]

India’s Gone Crackers


Hi guys How’s your morning going?? Mine is bueno.. it’s a dreary morning in Valdizzy so puppy walking going to wait until this afternoon. Last night, the pilot and I went on a Wednesday night Indian Food date when we got off work. He got the buffet and I thought I’d try something new, since […]

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