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Comfy Green Chair

Hey guys 😀

Holler from the comfy green chair

green chair

I’m chillin’ here at Bizzle, doing the computer work thang for a few hours. I like to think the green chair is lucky 🙂

I LOVED reading your comments about whether your kids [will] eat like you do. I agreed with so many of you guys who said that attitude about food is so important. It’s crucial to make sure kids have a healthy attitude about food and not feel like anything is “forbidden”. Instead, it’s a great idea to surround them with the good, healthy stuff and not freak out when the not-so-healthy kid food sneaks in. I had a pop tart every day for maybe 10 years of my life (S’mores flavor is the best, btw haha) –  I’m still alive and kickin’ 🙂

Today’s Insanity workout was a little rough. I didn’t sleep well last night, so even though it woke me up a little, it was *extra hard*. We did it, though and I felt like GOLD when it was over!

My protein pancakes were also too hard…


I tried using more flour to see what it would do, and it was a bad idea. Come on, perfect protein pancake! I’m so close….


I took the puppers for a walk on base, then came home for some lunchin’.

Sweet potatoes with goat cheese and chives

sweet potatos

Salad beast with tomatoes and dill:


I’m gonna get back to work so I can work more party this weekend but I hope ya’ll have a great night <3



Today’s tip: This weekend, buy a fruit or vegetable that you’ve never tried before. If your produce section doesn’t have anything new-to-you, buy an old fave a do a spin on how you’d usually prepare it (serving it savory instead of sweet and vise versa.. and google will help ya out). You may find a new produce love 🙂

In the Muffin Mood

Hey everyone! Happy [cookie] Friday! How’s your day going? Anything fun going on this weekend?? Yesterday afternoon, I had a smaller hemp-seedless Chocolate Cherry Bomb And met up with the girls for dinner at Bleu Cafe. I usually like Bleu ok, but after the ridiculous feasts we had in Vegas, it seemed more mediocre than […]

Always count on ‘roons

No matter what craziness is going on in my life… I can always count on macaroons 😀 It’s been what seems like forever since I made a batch, but I’ve been meaning to make some for Cristy and two bloggy friends.. and today was the day. Sorry Bella, no roons for your little polar bear […]

Ready to Tri

Heyyyy 😀 Happy almost-Friday! How’s your morning going?? I showed up for my date with the bod pod yesterday: They gave me a little swim cap to wear, which make me feel like like a hardcore triathlon chick. Too bad I really looked more like a bug 😉 And too bad the closest thing I’ll […]

Reader’s Request: Protein Powder

Heyyyy 😀 How’s your Indian Food Wednesday going? Mine has been bueno 🙂 I met with the giant tic tac (aka bod pod) –more on that later- and went to work for a little while. Just chillin’ before Zumba and thought I’d do a reader’s request post that quite of few of ya’ll have asked […]

Date with the Bod Pod

Hi guys! Happy INDIAN FOOD WEDNESDAY! And holler to Michelle who celebrated a day early 🙂 Who’s having Indian food tonight? Some eggplant curry perhaps? Or gajar halwa? 😀 This post is gonna be a quickie because I have a date with the Bod Pod. That funny little egg-shaped apparatus is going to tell me […]

Brain Food

Hi guys! Sup? I’ve been a productive Polly today :)  (I just put Polly’s name in there because I needed a “P” name…and I love her) I started tackling the laundry mountain…   (Source) I’m a notorious over-packer and always have a TON of laundry after vacation :/ Did some work on the computer: Whilst […]

Desperate Times

Hey hey hey 🙂 How’s your morning treating ya?? Mine has been bueno… especially since I got my Vegas booty handed to me by Shaun T. Last night’s Fit Test was HARD and this morning’s plyo workout was even harder. But Ashley and I were troupers and got ‘em done 😀 After last night’s fit […]

Sparkly Lights to a Valdizzy Night

Hi guys 😀 Hope you’ve had an awesome day. Mine has been a doozy. Something about traveling takes the life out of me– especially since both flights were BuMpY! Goodbye to the city of lights… You were good to us 😀 Coming home is always a little blah, but when you get to see a […]

Mesa Grill

Hi guys! Happy Monday! Hope you’re having a wonderful morning 🙂 We had an AMAZING last night in Vegas <3 The pilot argued with Caesar: I fought Joe Louis: And we had a trip to foodie heaven at the incredible Mesa Grill – one of my favorite cheffer’s (B-Flizzle) restaurant. The interior to the restaurant […]

Walk, Shop, Snack

Hi everyone! It’s meeeee again:) I have a lot of pictures to post and didn’t want to overload ya’ll in the morning, so here’s some more Vegas fun from today 😀 Goofer 🙂 We had breakfast at an AWESOME restaurant in the Paris resort, called Mon Ami Gabi. Everything on the menu looked pretty face-rocking. […]

Waking Up in Vegas

Hi guys! Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a beautiful and relaxing Sunday. We are slowly, but surely, eating our way through the city of Las Vegas.   After our day at the pool yesterday, we came back to the hotel to chillax before going out. I did a lovely 30 minute Detox Challenge flow from […]