Comfy Green Chair

Hey guys :D

Holler from the comfy green chair

green chair

I’m chillin’ here at Bizzle, doing the computer work thang for a few hours. I like to think the green chair is lucky :)

I LOVED reading your comments about whether your kids [will] eat like you do. I agreed with so many of you guys who said that attitude about food is so important. It’s crucial to make sure kids have a healthy attitude about food and not feel like anything is “forbidden”. Instead, it’s a great idea to surround them with the good, healthy stuff and not freak out when the not-so-healthy kid food sneaks in. I had a pop tart every day for maybe 10 years of my life (S’mores flavor is the best, btw haha) –  I’m still alive and kickin’ :)

Today’s Insanity workout was a little rough. I didn’t sleep well last night, so even though it woke me up a little, it was *extra hard*. We did it, though and I felt like GOLD when it was over!

My protein pancakes were also too hard…


I tried using more flour to see what it would do, and it was a bad idea. Come on, perfect protein pancake! I’m so close….


I took the puppers for a walk on base, then came home for some lunchin’.

Sweet potatoes with goat cheese and chives

sweet potatos

Salad beast with tomatoes and dill:


I’m gonna get back to work so I can work more party this weekend but I hope ya’ll have a great night <3



Today’s tip: This weekend, buy a fruit or vegetable that you’ve never tried before. If your produce section doesn’t have anything new-to-you, buy an old fave a do a spin on how you’d usually prepare it (serving it savory instead of sweet and vise versa.. and google will help ya out). You may find a new produce love :)

In the Muffin Mood


Hey everyone! Happy [cookie] Friday! How’s your day going? Anything fun going on this weekend?? Yesterday afternoon, I had a smaller hemp-seedless Chocolate Cherry Bomb And met up with the girls for dinner at Bleu Cafe. I usually like Bleu ok, but after the ridiculous feasts we had in Vegas, it seemed more mediocre than […]

Always count on ‘roons


No matter what craziness is going on in my life… I can always count on macaroons It’s been what seems like forever since I made a batch, but I’ve been meaning to make some for Cristy and two bloggy friends.. and today was the day. Sorry Bella, no roons for your little polar bear face. […]

Ready to Tri


Heyyyy Happy almost-Friday! How’s your morning going?? I showed up for my date with the bod pod yesterday: They gave me a little swim cap to wear, which make me feel like like a hardcore triathlon chick. Too bad I really looked more like a bug And too bad the closest thing I’ll ever get […]

Reader’s Request: Protein Powder


Heyyyy How’s your Indian Food Wednesday going? Mine has been bueno I met with the giant tic tac (aka bod pod) –more on that later- and went to work for a little while. Just chillin’ before Zumba and thought I’d do a reader’s request post that quite of few of ya’ll have asked about.. PROTEIN […]

Date with the Bod Pod


Hi guys! Happy INDIAN FOOD WEDNESDAY! And holler to Michelle who celebrated a day early Who’s having Indian food tonight? Some eggplant curry perhaps? Or gajar halwa? This post is gonna be a quickie because I have a date with the Bod Pod. That funny little egg-shaped apparatus is going to tell me my body […]

Brain Food


Hi guys! Sup? I’ve been a productive Polly today :)  (I just put Polly’s name in there because I needed a “P” name…and I love her) I started tackling the laundry mountain…   (Source) I’m a notorious over-packer and always have a TON of laundry after vacation :/ Did some work on the computer: Whilst […]

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