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Fun in the Vegas Sun

Hey hey hey 😀 How are ya??? I’m roasty (with SPF, por supuesto), toasty and happy from spending a glorious day out at the pool with my pilot, Ash and her pilot, and some other pilots 😀 This morning, my eyes snapped wide open at 7:30 and since I couldn’t go back to sleep, I […]


Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! Thank you for the sweet comments on getting to see the pilot again– I missed his face 😀 I was so excited that I forgot my camera last night as we were heading out to dinner 🙁 *Note: All of the photos were taken via Crackberry, unless they say “Source” next […]

The Best Kind of Cardio

Hi guys! How’s your day been? Ours has been pretty much glorious after sleeping in, finding our way to a brunch feast and shopping- the best kind of cardio  🙂 We decided to eat at the Canyon Ranch Grill at the Venetian because I’m a friend of Canyon Ranch (my little bro is a chef […]

Vegas, Baby

Hi guys 😀 HAPPY FRIDAY! What are you up to this weekend?? We got into Vegas at about 1am Vegas time, which is 4am Valdizzy time. I *tried* to sleep on the plane, but airplane sleep is quite different than real sleep. Needless to say, the ol’ internal clock is a little out of whack […]

Chips and Ritas

Howdy from the Hotlanta airport 😀   This day was a whirlwind, but I’m stoked to finally be on my way with Ashley to Vegas, baby. Like I said, we get to see some very important people tomorrow so I’m pretty nervous and way excited!! 😀 This morning, Ashley, Jeni and I did our recovery […]

Happy Earth Day, yo

Hi guys! Happy almost-Friday and HAPPY EARTH DAY! Today is going to be spent doing last minute things, dropping the puppers off (Bella at funny quotes lady’s house) Vieserton to the kennel (she has a crush on the boy who helps run it, so she’s very excited) doing the recovery Insanity workout and leaving for […]

The Bomb Experience

Hey guys! How are ya? And how’s your Indian Food Wednesday going? 😀 I love reading about your girl crushes 🙂 And at the suggestion of Heather, if any dudes want to chime in with their Bromance-worthy celeb or friend choices, I’d love it too 😀 We had a killerrrrr Insanity workout sesh today. It […]

Burgers in a Nest

Heyyyyy 😀 Happy Indian Food Wednesday! Who’s celebrating? I know this curry-loving cat is (thanks to the twitter friend who sent me the link!)   (Source) I have plans for a legendary Indian dinner- hopefully I’ll have time to hit up the grocery store so it can come to fruition. Last night while watching GLEE, […]

Pardon Me….

… do you have any Grey Poupon?? 😀 I have been mustard crazy lately. Not sure what happened but it tastes SO good right now! I’ve always loved it but it’s been a neglected condiment in my life. Never fear, mustard is back, yo. Slathered on millet bread: in my pasta: Even in my salad: […]

“Spark”ly and Bright

Hi guys! And HOLLER to all of the new readers who are stopping by from the Daily Spark– my guest post on Zumba went up today 😀 Sorry I’m late posting, but I did this morning’s Insanity workout with the girls (Pure Cardio. Cuhrazy), munched a bfast cookie: Yes, today’s was green (intentionally– not moldy! […]

Rut Busting

Hey guys! What’s going on? And who’s watching Dancing With the Stars with me? 😀 I just got home from a GLORIOUS, schweaty, booty-shakin’  Zumba class. Here’s the playlist I used for tonight: Some oldies, new newbies, a total blasty 😀 (“Abreme la Puerta” makes me swoon… listen to it, I think you’ll understand) My […]

Insanity Workout Re-cap Week 1

Hi guys! How’s your day been? Thanks for your awesome feedback on the Show Me Your Smoothie post! I hope you get some fun new ideas from it 🙂 Feel inspired by all of the creative smoothies, I decided to get in on the action and try something NEW! Special ingredient:   Blueberry Lavender Smoothie […]