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Before and After

Heyyyyyy 😀 How are ya?? I’m bueno over here- today has been oozing of productivity (taxes done!!) and full of befores and afters. Before: After: Bella needed that haircut! To make her feel special too, Viesa got her nails trimmed and a paisley bandana 😉 Before: Bfast cookie! With chocolate chips, goji berries and maca […]

Kale Creeper

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! Here’s hoping today is a thousand times better than yesterday 🙂 It was so fun to hear your money-saving food tips and comforting to know that many of you spend a ton of money on food, too. The way I feel about it is that food is an investment in your […]

I dream of frijoles

Hey guys! How are ya? Hope your day is going well <3 Thank you so much for the awesome feedback on the Summer Shape Up so far! Please keep cheering each other on and posting your workout triumphs and how you’re doin’ in the comments section 😀 Today has been a weird day. I think […]

Summer Shape Up 2010

Hey guys! Happy Monday! Hope your day is going well <3 Today is particularly special because it’s the start of this year’s Summer Shape Up! As you guys know, I did a Shape Up last year as well as a Winter Shape Up. They were both a lot of fun, so I figured we needed […]

Salad Attacker

Hi guys 😀 Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a beautiful and relaxing morning. It’s been a pretty amazing weekend in Orlando <3 To be honest, I almost didn’t come. We just got back from the Bahamas last Wednesday -our house is a vacation tornado- and traveling will suck the life out of ya but it […]

What’s Going On Here?

It’s almost 6pm and I haven’t blogged yet…. or eaten a single vegetable. I have, however, celebrated my cousin’s graduation and caught up with the familia <3 One of my little brothers (I have 4) surprised us and caught a plane from Tucson to Orlando with my cousin last night! I wasn’t even mad when […]

Reader’s Request: Budgeting Part 1

Hey guys! Hope your Friday has been fabulous 🙂 I’m finally here in Orlando with the fam and have some fun dinner and shopping plans. But first, the reader’s request post on budgeting. I get a lot of emails about how to make and stick to a budget, especially when you happen to have expensive […]

In Curry Glory

Heyyyy 😀 Happy Friday! What do you have going on this weekend?? I’m off to ORLANDO this morning! My cousin is graduating High School so I’m going to cheer her on, see my nana and aunties (!), and perhaps do some shopping damage with my cousin 😉 (Speaking of shopping damage, I’ll have a post […]

Yoga Pose May

Hi guys! Hope your day is going well! Mine has been pretty bueno- slowly but surely easing back into my routine and out of Island mode 😉 I snacked on some millet bread + Strawberry Meyer-lemon jam while I did computer work and was scarily excited to bust out the TJs smoked salmon for lonchi. […]

When it’s too much

Hey guys! Happy almost-Friday! Hope your day is off to a great start <3 Last night, after getting back to Vtown, the pilot had to head to work (laaaaaame, haha) and I went and got some groceries, as our fridge was looking a little sad. Snackage: After chilling around the casa and starting the laundry […]

Back to Reality

Hi guys! How are ya? Happy Indian Food Wednesday 😀 Sorry I’m a little late posting today- I think the blog was angry that I left the Bahamas and crashed on me 😉 All is bueno now, though. We’re finally back in Valdizzy. It feels soooooo glorious to be home after the treacherous 24 hours […]

One Last Bahama Mama

Heyyyy 😀 Hope your Tuesday has been wonderful <3 Our last day in the Bahamas was pretty much like every other day there… amazing 😀 The pilot said that life in the Bahamas is like a weekend, every day for a week. I totally agree. After this morning’s Insanity, we went to the Italian restaurant […]