Wrap Me in Roti

Hi guys :) How’s your Indian Food Wednesday goin’? I was glad to hear that so many of you liked Eclipse! I can’t wait to see it.. and Edward’s face ;)

Many of you have asked questions about Insanity and TurboFire (about the workouts, how to buy them, etc) and I wanted to let ya’ll know that my friend Elizabeth is a Beach Body coach – hit her up *here* if you need any help/advice with the Beach Body programs or want to pick some up.

Mine day has been pretty glorious :)


In my dream world, I wear roti like it’s a giant shawl/poncho and can gnaw off bites whenever my heart desires:


Before my Indian feast with a friend, I did weights and then tortured some bootcamp students >:)


Snacked on my favorite Larabar:


and got a haircut. I was looking a little shaggy, so things are much more under control.

Nap, and then a snack:


Apple + almond butter + mesquite

(Is anyone else STARVING after they take a nap??!!! The pilot always jokes with me about it. He’s like “what are you up to?” and when I tell him I just woke up from a nap and he says, “so are you making a snack or did you eat one already?” He knows me well.)

I’m about to head back to work to train clients and then get my cardio face on :D

Have a lovely night!


Something to read:

-What Exercise Science Doesn’t Know About Women (very interesting article! Mayjah thanks to those of you who sent it my way)

-Feds Investigate Alcohol Content of Kombucha (no wonder kombucha makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy….)

Today’s workout jam: “What Part of Forever” Cee Lo Green (In honor of Eclipse. Awesome for a steady state spin or run sesh)

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