Sweet Day


Hey everyone! Happy Saturday Hope you’ve had a wonderful day so far. I’m so glad ya’ll like the crepe recipe- please let me know if any of you give it a whirl Last night, I met up with some friends for dinner at Longhorn since the guys were working late. I had the standard boring […]


crepe (3)

(Yes, that would be a re-work of the old school TLC song) Hi guys! How are ya? Sorry I had some blog glitches yesterday. The blog was feeling a little hormonal and cranky, but I gave her some crepes and all is bueno in the world Here’s the recipe I’ve been promising ya’ll: Whole-grain Crepes […]

Bubba is Back


Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend So, remember when the pilot’s Bubba Keg mysteriously disappeared while we were in the Bahamas? Evita and her husband (The Engineer) were so kind to send a replacement Bubba Keg to the pilot How awesome is that?! He’s such a happy kid […]

I Swoon 4 ‘Roons


Hey everyone How’s your day been? It’s almost Friday! Thank goodness, eh? This week has be dragging for me. This morning, I made some macaroons to send to the blogiversary winners since the rest of their packages are ready to go Blonde ‘roons Super ‘roons Cacao almond-butter ‘roons, I swoon 4 roons For lunch, I […]

Come here, McDreamy


Hi guys! How’d your morning going?? I was robbed of blood. Had to get some blood work done at the doc’s this morning. As you guys know, I’m the hugest needle-phobe to walk the planet and the only guys I would truly be comfortable taking my blood would be Dr. McDreamy or Edward Cullen. But […]

Indian Food Baby


Heyyy How are ya? Hope you’re having a fabulous Indian Food Wednesday Last night, since our AC was broken, this was my bed: The couch with my comfy pillow, some sheets from when I was in high school (!) + an ice pack on my legs It was painful. The good news is that the […]

Turn Around


Hey guys Happy Indian Food Wednesday! How are you celebrating?? I’ll be hitting up the Indian buffet with some friends on a break from work- I can taste the roti already Today’s post title was inspired by this epic video: (Source- sorry for the blurry quality, it was the best version on YouTube) My heart […]

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