Girls Night and Eye Candy


Hi guys! Happy Indian Food Wednesday! Who’s celebrating??? We’re heading to Atlanta later today but I’m going to see if the pilot wants to stop and get Indian to munch on the road Last night, the pilot was working late (again) so I met up with the girls for dinner and drinks at Two Friends. […]

HIIT and Hip Hop


Heyyyyy How are ya? It was very interesting to read about the crazy fitness fads ya’ll have tried. I’ve definitely been around the block myself. It was the first I’ve heard of the cabbage soup diet though… just thinking about it makes my stomach churn. Today has been busy but a lot of fun I […]

Wacky Fitness Fads


Hi guys! How’s your morning going? Mine has been bueno- I’m so STOKED that we leave for Hotlanta tomorrow! Last night I had a few training appointments and then Jeni and I hit up Longhorn for dinner, since my pilot was flying late. House salad, no cheese or croutons, balsamic on the side (Jeni had […]

Enchi’s and Jokers


Hi guys! How’s your day been? Mine has been pretty bueno- just finished a Turbofire sesh (Fire 45) and am getting ready to head back to work. Snacks today have been random: The last enchi (recipe at the end of this post) with spinach and pico A giant apple, microwaved for 2 minutes with cinnamon […]

Better the Next Day


Hey guys! Happy Monday Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Thank you SO mucho for all of the lovely compliments on the flight dinner party. It was a lot of work, but a total blasty The rest of our weekend was filled with… Leftovers: I had my leftover enchi’s on a bed of spinach, topped with […]

Yoga for Sanity

Hi guys! How are you? Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday This post is going to be fast and furious since our dinner party is in 3 hours, but I didn’t want to leave ya’ll hanging. I did a LOT of prep work last night: Check out our fridge! It’s filled to the brim The […]

Take Two


Hi guys! How’s your day been? Hope you’ve had a lovely Friday We have SUCCESS! Tres Leches came out exactly the way it needed to after last night’s little fail. Just needs whipped topping, cinnamon garnish and a strawberry on the side Sangria success: I got fresh OJ from the Main Squeeze to add to […]

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