Quite the Fiesta

Hi guys :D Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a lovely and relaxing morning.

Last night’s dinner party was a lot of fun. The pilot is commander of one of the flights in the squadron, so he invited his flight and their wives over for dinner. I was a little nerviosa because there were quite a few people whom I don’t know very well, but it ended up being a great night.

We had a variety of cocktail mix-ins set out:


Plus Sangria, with red wine, brandy, fresh OJ, POM juice, apples, peaches and oranges:


Drink garnishes (lime wedges and orange zest)


A Mexican cooler full of different types of beer:


(My nana surprised the pilot with that cooler when we lived in Tucson- he loves it)

And appetizers.

Scoops + Herdez Salsa


Brown rice chips, blue corn chips and pico:


(Jeni brought the pico, and it was AWESOME)



(I used 6 avocados for that bowl full)

Queso with green chile vinaigrette:

(Sorry for the blurry pic- most people that came over don’t know about the bloggy)


For entrees, there was chopped salad:




Chicken enchiladas: (2 trays full)


Vegetable and goat cheese enchiladas with Ezekiel tortillas (guess who these were for?? :) Some friends tried them, too and liked them)

enchiladas (2)

My plate:

my plate

The best part?

The tres leches cake


Served with a single organic strawberry:


and Molten chocolate coffee (from Fresh Market).

I had about a third of a piece of the cake since cow’s dairy gives me a stomach ache and volcanoes on my face, but it was like heaven. This recipe is absolutely perfect- not too soggy, and holds its shape well.

It was a lovely evening with lovely company :)

When everyone left, I did what any girl would do…

put on comfies, grabbed a baggie of brown rice chips (I didn’t get to snack on many since I was helping with drinks and orchestrating the food cooking times)


and crashed out with my Bella.

me and bell


We’re off to Best Bizzle to pick up Pinkie (my laptop is fixed!!) and going to Indian and the dog park with friends tonight.

Have a lovely Sunday!



Here are some blast from the past dinner parties we’ve had:

-Girls Night is Back

-Tarts, Shrimp and Dirty Bananas

-Salmon, Wine and Chocolate

-Feelin’ Feastly

-Fri Night Dinner Party

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  1. wow that is so impressive! you are a hostess to be admired!

  2. Awesome stuff! Looks like it was a success. Looking forward to the recipe; mexican is my fav. Thanks so much for posting!

  3. Laura J. says:

    I’m impressed! You are officially the dinner party goddess! :) Glad everything went well!!

  4. Love those puppies of yours!
    The sangria pic makes me thirsty. :-)

  5. love the blog! also have a question…you seem like a smart, strong, and independent woman. what did you do after horrible break ups or when you feel alone?

    • Fitnessista says:

      spent time with family and friends.
      right before i met the pilot, i had gone through a terrible breakup with my high school/some of college boyfriend. that’s when i became even closer with my friends (girls nights, pedicures, shopping, movies) and family, which helped me get through it

  6. Glad the dinner party went well!! Everything looks so good! I had sangria today and it was fabulous.

  7. Gina!!!!! The meal looks amazing! I love that the menu went so well together, and it came together beautifully!!!! Did everyone keep saying how awesome the food was? I bet they did!

  8. Relatively new reader – first-time commenter. That looks like a smashing good party! I remember the flight crew dinners my mom hosted when my dad was the lead of flight crews – always fun nights (though I never got to stay up for all of them).

    Any chance of a copy of the recipe for those veg and goat cheese enchiladas? They sound heavenly.

  9. now thats my kind of dinner party! LOOKS TASTY!

  10. Perfect timing with this post including links to your past parties. I am having my very first mini dinner party- have never ever hosted anyone for dinner because I am a cooking newbie. I’m only having one other couple over in a couple of weeks, and I’m nervous! So I will be scouring your posts for tips.

  11. Oh My goodness Gina!!! Everything looked delicious. You are the perfect hostess!! What a fun night. :)

  12. Hi Gina! Could you please post your tamale recipe? I heart tamales and would like to try to make it myself.

  13. Hey Gina! I’m hosting a Mexican dinner soon and remembered this party you had. Do you remember what you used in your salad? Looks tasty!

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