Dining Al Fresco


Hiiii How are ya? How was your Sunday? Mine was a longie, but bueno As much as I wanted to have b-fast cookie cereal this morning, I was determined to have something different to change things up Kamut bread with Earth Balance and Polaner jam: and pumpkin protein yogurt with pumpkin puree, Goat’s milk vanilla […]

Club Can’t Handle Me


Hi guys! How are you?? Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday Thanks for the compliments on my second Foodbuzz challenge dinner. It was a BEAST, but I’m glad to have a newfound appreciation for ravioli. We’ve done a number on the cake already Heh heh. So yesterday morning, my cousin Emily and I went to […]

Ravioli Victory


I’ve always been a little scared of pasta. I don’t mind eating it, but the thought of making pasta from scratch always set me into a fury of anxiety. While watching the chefs on Iron Chef produce ribbons of fresh pasta, I was always a little envious. Homemade pasta was one of those things I […]

Daiya… and gone to heaven


Hi guys! How’s your Friday going?? Mine started off with the MOST difficult power yoga class I have ever taken. I did my first side crow everrrrr (!), lots of headstands and inversions, a bajillion utkatasanas (chair pose) and chatarungas. I was trembling at the end. Wow. Green juice to the rescue: -Green apple -Spinach […]

The Friday Stink Eye


Hiiiii It’s Friday!! This week went by so quickly- I lurve it. <3 So does Viesa… Even though she’s giving the stink eye Thank you for the compliments on the lunch box and for telling me it’s BPA-free. Winner Also, thank you to those of you who posted your 10 year visions- they are so […]

My Lunch in a [Bento] Box


Hi guys! How are ya?? The weekend is in sight!! So. Stoked. The morning’s breakfast was delicious, but I was way more excited about lunch Breakfast cookie dough cereal with a crumbled macaroon Is it scary that I get really excited about a lunch box???   Since I’m working a regular job now (instead of […]

Zumba Rendezvous


Heyyyyy How are you?? Hope you’re having a great morning! So glad ya’ll like the Pilot’s guest post! He’s a keeper, right? Yesterday, we had a meeting at work and I was so stoked when a very lovely friend surprised me with a whole grain bagel in the sea of white bagels: Smeared with peanut […]

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