Tuesday Night Book Club

Heyyyy 😀 Happy Indian Food Wednesday! How’s your morning going?

After work yesterday, I was so stoked to hit up a Bikram class.. just because I could! In Valdosta, I couldn’t do Bikram on a random Tuesday (unless I wanted to drive two hours), so I’m definitely taking advantage 😉

Post-yoga snackage:


Chocolate cherry bomb dot com 😀

-1 C almond milk

-1 scoop vanilla Sun Warrior

-1 T raw cacao powder

-1 C frozen organic cherries

-Stevia, vanilla and cinnamon

-1/2 banana

Eight months later and I’m still not sick of this smoothie- it’s that good, I promise 😀

After my smoothie, shower and making my cousin a grilled cheese, I met up with my aunt and her friends at OLV for book club.

Discussion Riesling:


We shared the mezze plate:


Tzatziki, tabbouli, baba ganouj, hummus, falafel and pita


and the most beautiful Chevre salad with greens, beets, mango, toasted pecans and goat cheese


I had a lot of fun chatting with all of the ladies, even though I haven’t finished the book (Sarah’s Key) yet. After hearing what they had to say about it though, I’m not sure if I want to finish it :/ It sounds really disturbing and I’m so engulfed in this book right now that Sarah’s Key may take a back seat:

Good to great Source

Has anyone else read it? In an almond shell, Good to Great is an incredibly well-researched book examining the tactics of companies that maintained their incredible financial performance for at least 15 years. There’s a lot of knowledge you can take from the book and apply to your job and to life in general. Loving it so far 😀

This morning I’m off to a meeting for work, sending a care package to that one man I have a crush on, and taking a Zumba class!! I’m going to wear all of my Zumba gear and talk to them about teaching while I’m here 🙂 Hopefully it will *work out* – I miss teaching so much!

Stay tuned for a guest post from a very special someone….



Something to do:

Fave Indian Food recipes! 😀


Baigan Bhartha

Dal Bukhara

Channa Masala

Tandoori roti

Mango Lassi

Gajar Halwa (<— vegan version)

Going out to eat for Indian Food Wednesday?? Here’s a post for Indian Food Newbies 😀

Something to talk about: Are there any fitness classes you can’t wait to try but aren’t offered near you?? I am SO excited to try Rebounderz- an indoor trampoline workout. We didn’t have it in Tucson and it looks like a lot of fun 🙂

Something else to do: If you’re in the voting kinda mood… here’s the link and my Entry #1 post. Thanks so much to those of you who have voted already!

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  1. It seems like so many book club books these days are so sad! I’d much rather read something happy and lighthearted.

    Rebounderz sounds so fun! I used to love trampolines as a kid and I never realized how much of a workout they are!

  2. Just read my other favourite fitness blog and found an article regarding your posting-it’s like a 2 for 1 🙂 http://www.glamour.com/health-fitness/blogs/vitamin-g/2010/09/afternoon-snack-the-fitnessist.html

  3. Good to GREAT is one of my favorite books!

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