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The Little Things

Hey guys! How are ya? Hope your afternoon has been lovely!

Much of my day has been spend driving back to Orlando, and appreciating the little things.


intelligent, polite and fabulous discussion

protein oatmeal on-the-go


(Sun Warrior promo has been delayed until Friday- the web designer needed more time for the fabulosity to come haha)

the return of a favorite furry face


vegan chocolate chips melting into warm popcorn


the smell of coffee and books


(does anyone else fiercely believe that being surrounded by books makes you smarter?)

free WiFi


the Sound of Music soundtrack (yodeling optional)

a new cookbook


(holler to the Canyon Ranch peeps who sent this to me after seeing my shoutout last week. I turn down almost all company product offers, but I’m a softy when it comes to awesome cookbooks)

two hours of Dance Trance tonight – I’m so excited I can hardly stand it


(pic from the Halloween party)

the fact that my happiness is in my own hands. Which is why I’m moving again… next week. There’s a whole post about it, which will go up on Tuesday, but I think it’s going to be a better choice. <3

Have a great night and I’ll see ya in the morning!

What little things are making you smile today?



Posting other Peeps

Hey guys! How’s your day going?? Hope you’re having a good morning <3 (That’s Jeni’s dog Whiskey- he’s so sweet and cute. Bella’s body is the size of his head, haha) I had a glorious movie and dinner night with the girls We ate at Longhorn, which used to be a weekly dinner spot before […]

A Night in V-town

Hellooooooo How’s your Cyber Monday going?? So glad ya liked the gift guide! I’m in Valdosta Usually my sanity cries when I drive into this town, but today it felt really, really good. After hitting up the gym –too late to get a spin bike, so I ellipticized instead- I packed up an overnight bag […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: For the Dudes

Hi friends 😀 Happy Monday! Hope you’re having a great morning so far. It’s Cyber Monday!!! Are you online shopping today? You can bet your booty I am 🙂   With the amazing response to last week’s holiday gift guide, I received quite a few requests for gift ideas for guys. (He flies a plane […]

Pre-work shake

Hey friends hey How’s your morning going? Mine has been bueno- I started if off with a long walk with Bella. We walked around the park for 30 minutes-ish –even trotted a little bit, just because her little jog is so cute- and then came back to my aunt’s to grab b-fast and pack up […]

Grandma got run over by a lulu

Hi guys! Check out my sparkly antlers – people kept asking if they were horns, haha. We had the choice between antlers and a Santa hat to wear during the holiday season, so I rolled with the former Thank you so much for your amazing comments on the Pilot’s guest post. He’s a keeper   […]


Hi guys   Hooray for Black Friday!!!! And double hooray for the return of Ugly Christmas sweaters– they’re EVERYWHERE today I spent the AM racing around, ninja-kicking through stores and getting ready for the airport. There was a guest poster set up for this morning, but he had to do the war thang. Stay tuned […]

Bird is the Word

Hey friends! Hope you had a great day <3 It was a lovely Tucson Thanksgiving. I was so lucky to be surrounded by friends and family all week and tonight was especially amazing. I loved catching up with the fam –and can’t believe my cousin Katie will have a BABY next time I see her- […]

Gobble, gobble

I’m so thankful for Indian food: Even when said Indian food is foul. Just looking at the dosa is making me cringe, haha. Vegan chocolate chip cookies: Dinner and dancing with friends: These little things: This thing: (Bow chicka wow wow) Cornbread stuffing, raw chocolate tarts and vegan pumpkin pie: Getting to spend the first […]

Raw vegan tart crust

Hey friends hey How’s your day going?? Are you busy prepping for tomorrow? I am, while Tucker watches from the imaginary line to the kitchen that he’s not allowed to cross.   (My little bro put his candy cane collar on him last night) Tucker has been giving me lots of puppy kisses lately since […]

Santa and Veggies

Heyyyy How are you? This afternoon has been quite a blasty. I had a little date with my nana to see the Christmas Show at the Gaslight Theatre: Gaslight is a local thing- they have melodrama musicals every season and I’ve been going since I was little. (Side note: I scored an audition in high […]

Reader’s Request: Staying Motivated

Hey friends! How are you this lovely afternoon?? I’m bueno over here I took a dance class with a lifelong friend last night (which was INCREDIBLE, but no Dance Trance), ate vegetarian take-out for dinner, visited my great-grandmother and had my broken toe massaged by the lovely lady who stays and takes care of her. […]