Reader’s Request: Staying Motivated


Hey friends! How are you this lovely afternoon?? I’m bueno over here I took a dance class with a lifelong friend last night (which was INCREDIBLE, but no Dance Trance), ate vegetarian take-out for dinner, visited my great-grandmother and had my broken toe massaged by the lovely lady who stays and takes care of her. […]

Taking Advantage


Hey friends! How’s your day going?? I’m sitting outside, enjoying the lovely Tucson air and lack of humidity It’s very nice. I’m so glad you liked the Holiday Gift Guide!! Per your requests, I’ll post a dude version on Friday morning. Stay tuned for a Core bag and Sun Warrior promo, too! Since I got […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2010


Hey guys! How’s your morning going? Hope you’re having a wonderful day In spirit of the upcoming holidays, I thought it would be fun to do a gift guide for your fave Fitnessista. Friends/cousins/moms/aunts/cats can be hard to shop for sometimes, so hopefully you’ll get a couple of ideas! Also, maybe you’ll see a couple […]

Land of…


Tucker TRADER JOE’S! World Market… familia <3 and making legendary dinners with my chef brother. We’re doing it the friendly way together.. no smack-talking Iron Chef battles yet On tonight’s menu: Salmon with rosemary, garlic and lemon Chicken prepared the same way: Sautéed veg: Roasted butternut squash Salad Nana’s famous Bundt cake: My heart is […]

In the Desert Again


Hey guys! How’s your day going?? After an early early flight, I’m finally here in Tucson with the fam. (Gift basket at the madre hotel with brown rice bread, TJs dressing, salsa, apples, avocadoes and almond milk!) I stayed up late last night Skyping with the Pilot (Skype > sleep) and then woke up at […]

How Now Brown Bread


Hi friends! How are you? (Someone needs a bath… and a sassiness check, haha) Bella is officially confused as to why I keep traveling. I think she’s sad I’m not bringing her furry face to Tucson with me :/ This morning, I got my DT on before work. It. was. glorious. Since I knew I’d […]

My frosting runneth over


Hey guys! How are you? Hope you’re having a fabulous Saturday so far! <3 Last night was pretty lovely. First, I took a class at the Ritz-Carlton: At work, we have a BINGO board in the break room with different community fitness classes on each spot. Taking a class at the Ritz-Carlton was the last […]

If you give a girl a day off…


She’ll buy new shoes and then, she’ll want to go to yoga. Then, she’ll remember that Harry Potter is out and decide to go to that instead. Source After contemplating the large crowds and abundance of people dressed like wizards, she’ll look down and realize it’s time for a manicure and pedicure. That ends up […]

Sparkles and Turkeys


Hiiiiii Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my last post. It wasn’t meant to make you feel bad, though! There’s a silver lining in everything, fo sho. And if I eat more zucchini than usual, don’t question it, mmm k? It’s Fashion Friday!! I’m celebrating by purchasing these babies, which are on […]

She’s a Grainiac


Hi friends How’s your morning going?? Mine is pretty bueno. So glad you like the biscuit recipe! Let me know if you try them I have a new food obsession:   Grain bowls! The obsession began when I had the macrobiotic bowl at Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco. I just love the idea- greens, grains, […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Sweet Potato Biscuits


Hi guys! How are you? Hope you’ve had a glorious day I started mine off with a dip into the cashew butter, a piece of brown rice toast and a smoothie with Sun Warrior, almond milk and organic berries + a yoga practice with Rob at Full Circle. It was a more restorative practice, but […]

Fall fennel salad

christmas trees

Heyyyyyy (Christmas trees!!!! Makes me so happy) I’m so glad you guys liked the cardio blast video! Lacey is HARDCORE and I really hope you can use some of the moves in your next cardio/strength workouts. So yesterday was helter skelter –laundry mountain, errands, post office, work, YouTube upload battle- but I did manage to […]

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