Thanksgiving with Camels

Howdy from the other side of the world!!

pilot and jet

(The nose of the jet has a little “character” on it from some aggressive boomers while aerial refueling – ouch)


Hope you guys are doing well. I’m having some fun out here showing off the new winter fashions…I hear brown is in this season. I’m sitting in for Gina so she can recover from traveling. Did you all have a good Turkey Day break (or just a nice weekend if you don’t happen to be in the US)? Unfortunately, I’m flying nights and missed the big meal, but I was happy to support some guys that probably don’t get to eat anything but MREs (Meals Ready to Eat…or Meals Rejected by Everyone). So, I did the next best thing and stopped by our “boardwalk” for a little Gyro action on the way home.


5 star eats


It’s no turkey and stuffing but for 8,000 miles from home, I can’t complain.

DSC06845 DSC06846


The boardwalk is surprisingly full of random businesses with jewelry shops, suit stores, coffee places, barber shop, etc.. It even has a sit down TGIF! Most of the food is NQR (not quite right). You military families that’ve been to Korea or otherwise abroad know what I’m talking about. Food taste pretty close to the American version but there’s something that’s just a liiiiiiittle off. Again, I’m not complaining…just sayin’. I know it’s not the healthiest meal but it’s Thanksgiving…you’re supposed to splurge a little, right? 😉

Afterwards, I went back to the “mods” to crash out in my closet space (we share rooms w/ five other dudes) to catch some sleep for the next day and the rapidly approaching gym sesh.



I workout 6 days a week with a buddy of mine here that’s on my shift. We’ve been pretty good about sticking to our schedule:

Day 1 – Chest/Abs

Day 2 – Biceps/Back

Day 3 – Shoulders/Abs

Day 4 – Legs

Day 5 – Triceps/Abs

Day 6 – Cardio

Day 7 – The glorious day of rest

We warm up each day on the treadmill/elliptical/or rowing maching for 5 to 10 minutes then run through a variation of different exercises while concentrating on form and muscle confusion. I’m frankly amazed I manage to drag my butt out of bed each night but the partner system is huge motivation. By far the biggest problem, though, is nutrition. The dining facility’s not within walking distance so to compensate, food is brought three times daily and usually consists of one of a different meats, random vegetable/salad and white rice…oh lord, the rice (oh, how I loathe thee). Sometimes, I miss one or two meals because of flying (well, I wouldn’t saying I’ve been *missing* it, Bob). Protein shakes twice a day help somewhat and our lieutenants are pretty good about stocking our shelves with bagels, soup, etc. that they…acquire (if you’re not familiar, LT’s are pretty much the worker bees of a fighter squadron, doing everything from trash, snacks, selling patches/t-shirts for extra funds and basically anything else that involves the increase of morale). Don’t feel too bad for them – they distribute their work evenly via the Lieutenant Protection Agency (LPA) which ensures no one LT is treated too unfairly :)


The job out here is, of course, very rewarding. I work with and overhead of some of the most incredible people in the world.

IMG_0086 Our guys posing with one of our Apache brethren


Each one of us shares a passionate devotion to ensuring the safety of the guys on the ground, and I that brings me to what I’m thankful for this year. There’s no better reminder of how wonderful a free and thriving society is than to live where tyranny still lurks the shadows. So, I’m thankful for great places to live and visit back home that have all the amenities that make life worth living. Why yes, I’m talking about beer, an incredible variety of delicious food from all over the world, and grass…I miss grass :)

I’m also thankful for good friends and family that I love dearly.

And there’s no way I could do what I do here without the person I’m the most thankful to have in my life:

kisser Now that’s something worth fighting for 😉


That’s it for me – thanks for the opportunity to say hi to all of you! Take care and good eats. I’ll see you again soon.


CEC_5519 Attack!!

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  1. Such the keeper. there a brother? just sayin:)

  2. You are sooooo lucky to have a man that loves you :)! You guys are amazing! Thanks for keeping us all safe!

  3. Love hearing from the other half of fitnessista!!! thanks for all that you do!!!

  4. Bernadette says:

    Thank you for sacrificing sobyhat we can enjoy our freedom. We are blessed to have dedicated people like you serving whenever, wherever!

  5. This post totally made me tear up! Just wanted to drop in not only to say thanks for the post, but thank you for all you do to serve our country! =)

  6. This was such a great post! Thank you to the Pilot and his squadmates for all they do for our country. You are also very obviously a lucky wife (and he an extra lucky husband), you guys seem so in love, times infinity :)

  7. Sorry you missed out on the turkey, Pilot, sir. I sure appreciate all you and your brethren do!

    Got me all teary at the end. Love is worth fighting for.

  8. Pilot,
    Thanks for all you do in keeping us safe. And thanks for your post – I a little bit pretended it was from my loved one who is off on his first deployment

  9. Thanks for taking the time out to fill in! And I am especially thankful for your service. You guys sacrifice a lot (as does your lovely wife) and don’t get recognized enough. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing and for serving our country! Your upbeat spirit in a tough situation is inspirational. It was also really interesting to see what life is like for those deployed.

  11. Thanks for sacrificing your holiday to serve us–you rock!!!

  12. Great post! My high school sweetheart was/is a crew chief in the airforce. He was such a trooper when he was deployed, always using his time in the desert to reflect on the small luxuries he was thankful for at home. You guys are great, Gina’s got quite the stud!

  13. I was just catching up on some blog reading and came across this post. Really enjoyed it! Had to drop a line and say that last picture was FANTASTIC! Thank you for sharing and for ALL that you do.

  14. I a little at the end there…hahaha so sweet!

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