You Know He’s Deployed When…

1. You’re not sure if you still remember how to make chicken.

chicken and kale

2. You’ve made the switch from 50% gym attire to 100%.


3. You are scary excited about the holidays. Not just because you love them, but because when they’re over, he’ll be home sooner.


sleigh two men

4. You watch your cell phone like a hawk.


5. You’ve read way more books than usual and seen way more movies than usual. Who’s going to Harry Potter tomorrow?!


6. You always know when the next girl’s night will be.

wine carrot cake

7. You look forward to your workouts more than ever. Not only do they make you feel good, they take your mind off things for that small span of time.


8. In the produce section, you check a zucchini for *freshness* a little longer than necessary.


9. You distract yourself in as many ways as you can. Working long hours, working out, hanging out with friends, puppy wrangling and traveling help the time fly by.


(The thought of going to Tucson next week makes you so happy you want to cry)

10. You decide to buy shoes not only because they’re earthy, trendy and will protect your broken purple toe, but also because they have his name on them.

image Source


Need tips on dealing with deployments?? Check out *this post* <3

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  1. MrsStarbuck says:

    More like…”you carry your cell phone everywhere, including the bathroom (yikes!), and your friends and co-workers run and find you when it’s ringing because they know how important it is to talk to your husband!” I love it!!

  2. HI Gina, I’ve just found your blog through Anne’s blog and I just wanted to say that I bought those exact Tom’s because my boyfriend is called Tom and he’s a pilot!! He’s not in the air force though and works for a private company, hoping to get into commercial work so I know I’ll have to deal with him being away for periods of time. Not the same at all as deployment, I know. Anyway, glad your pilot came home safely!! I look forward to reading your blog some more and getting involved with your challenge at the end of January!

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