Call Me Elf


Hey guys Happy Friday and Merry Christmas Eve to those of you celebrating today! I’m so glad you enjoyed the Pilot’s guest post- he’s pretty much amazing <3 Since I last saw you, I managed to finish ALL of our holiday shopping  (!!!) and turned this: into THIS: Ka pow! <— Elf ninja kick Some […]

Grandma got run over by an A-10…


Happy Holidays!!   Hi, everybody. Hope this finds you well…and warm! Gina and I are from areas that don’t see a lot of snow, but I know some of you are getting hit pretty hard with the “joys” of a winter wonderland. Funny story – Gina used to despise the colder months so much that […]

A Last Minute Christmas


Hi friends How are you? So… last year, our tree went up the day after Thanksgiving. This year, my tree is made out of rosemary and we’re just now putting up my mom’s tree. Last year, our Christmas shopping was done way ahead of time. It was mostly an Amazon and Omaha Steaks Christmas, but […]

Git It Girl


Morning friends! <3   The winner of the cool racerback, macaroons and whatever else I decide to throw in there is: Erin! Congrats girl! Send me your info (fitnessista at gmail dot com + tank size and fave color) so I can get your goodies on the way Thank you SO much to those of […]

Making a List


  Heyyyyyy Holy macaroons!!! Keep those giveaway entries coming- the winner will be announced tomorrow AM. That little sassafrass will never know the taste of a fresh macaroon. Sorry, Bell This morning, I met up with my friends from work for a bootcamp class. It was such a blast! Reminded me a little too much […]

It’s the most wonderful time…


For a giveaway! Hi friends How’s your day going? Hope you’re having a lovely morning. Last night, I baptized the new place by making a boatload of raw macaroons. A batch is for the winner of the charity bake sale, and the rest are for YOU To sweeten the deal, I’ll throw random goodies in […]

Pump it Up


Heyyyyyy How are you friends? This morning, I munched some tea and brown rice toast: and met up with two work friends to take a Dance Cardio class, followed by BodyPump. Dance Cardio was a BLAST –during “free style” we took turns ambushing people by shaking and dancing around them- and BodyPump…. owned me. Holy […]

First Pump


Kinda looks like “fist pump” Hey friends hey How are you? Hope your morning has been lovely. Since I was pretty stuffed from cookie dough and a hummus sandwich last night, I just needed a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for dinner. Tea: (ginjah!) and spaghetti squash that my nana donated to the food stash I topped […]



Heyyyyy How are ya? Hope your Monday is treating you well. After doing a legs workout and a fabulously sweaty spin class, I came over to the madre’s for an omelet party. I munched an omelet with farm fresh eggs, goat brie and rosemary from my Christmas tree: (just needed a little protein since I […]

O Rosemary Tree


Morning friends! The rosemary tree! Best Christmas tree everrrrrr It may be bald before this weekend, though. What are you up to this week?? Are you traveling, or staying local? We’re going to chill here in T-town. I’m really looking forward to holiday movies and vegan cinnamon rolls For dinner last night, we had some […]

Pancake Bandit


Heyyyyy How was your day?? Hope it’s been glorious and relaxing. I started mine off with a crazy spin class and breakfast with the fam. Today’s choice was “The Controversy”- 2 scrambled eggs, black beans and salad + a couple of bites of my bro’s pancake (wheat pancake with coconut and chocolate chips) We ran […]

Sparklers, Cocktails and Cake


Heyyyyyy Happy Sunday! How’s your morning going?? We went to a gorgeous wedding last night. <3 I love LOVE and live for weddings, so I’ve been excited about this one for a while! Most of our military friends are married already. The event was held at the Pima Air and Space Museum, which was such […]

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