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My Day in Pics

Alarm clock


Dance Trance


(my lurve)

Snack attack


*Our* place <3


Dinosaur cousins


birds (2)

“Life’s a… "

beachbeach (2)

Favorite paycheck eater

whole foods

Cookie yearning


Perfect lonchi


lunch (2)

More shopping Smile


Hostess hero


(both excellent)

Airport bum


See ya back in Tucson!



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Something to think: “May you live all the days of your life!” Jonathan Swift

Two friends + WSU Week 3

Hiiiiiiii How’s your day going? Hope it’s been lovely so far! After spending a beautiful day in Valdosta with friends, I drove back to Jacksonville to meet with some friends: (Lindsey and Ross!) and reunite with an old friend: Indian! INDIANNNNNNNNNN! There’s nothing more beautiful in the world than a naan bubble. I didn’t partake […]

Worth it

Hey friends! How’s it going? Hope you’re having a great day so far. I enjoyed a beautiful dinner with Jeni, her family and her husband’s fam last night at Charlie Trippers. I didn’t bring my camera because I felt like it wouldn’t be appropriate, but I will tell you I ended up saying detox schmeetox. […]

Showered with lurve

Heyyyy How’s your day been? Mine has been a lovely day in Valdizzy. As soon as I got into town, I got right to biznazz and stopped at two faves: Main Squeeze for a green juice and Longhorn for a sweet potato and veggies. It was a glorious little snack After snacking, stopping to run […]

J-ville Adventures

Hi friends! How are you? What an AWESOME night in Jacksonville. First, my mall radar went off: Somehow, after I picked up my rental car, it automatically drove me to St. John’s Town Centre—funny how that happens, huh? I did a little damage and met up with Lindsey for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We […]

Traveling Time

Hey hey! Happy Friday! It’s a traveling day I had to get up early as ballz this morning to catch my 6am flight- the exciting thing was that I didn’t hit snooze or sleep through my alarm. I think I’m just way excited to visit friends this weekend! The first flight was a snappy layover […]

Crrrrunch time

Hey friends <3 How are ya? LOVED reading your lists about what you’re lovin’ this week. I adore the fact that so many of you said that you’re loving not stressing. Things that seem like a big deal often don’t matter so much in the grand scheme of things Also, thank you so much to […]


Raw honey Processing credit card transactions, anytime, anywhere (You slide the card through the bottom of the iPhone!) Homemade coconut butter This cake that my bro decorated at culinary school (Yes, it says “Illest” and I almost dug into it face first) Bella’s fascination with prairie dogs (she wants to catch one SO badly!) The […]

Reader’s Request: Smoothies vs Juices

Hiiiii 😀 How are you? Hope you’ve had an amazing day <3 I’ve gotten a lot of questions about smoothies and juices, so I thought it would be a fun reader’s request 😀 A little video: For the record, this combo: doesn’t taste very good. (The grapefruit was a little bold) But it looks pretty, […]

What to Say?

Hi friends <3 (Taken at Sunday’s yoga event) How are you? Happy Indian Food Wednesday! 🙂 Hope you’re having a fabulous morning. It was kind of challenging to write about last night’s dinner, because one of my “courses” was this: That would be half a can of organic kidney beans, heated and eaten out of […]

Double Dip

Heyyyyyy 😀 How are ya? Before teaching this morning, I enjoyed a fabulous green juice. It’s the same one I’ve been making for the past week + (green apple, cucumber, romaine, lemon) but I might get a little crazy tomorrow and change it up 😉 As I made my juice in my Jack LaLanne juicer, […]

Socca Swooning

Hiiiiii 😀 How are you? Hope your morning is off to a lovely start! Thanks for the feedback on the WSU Week 2 workout– from what I can hear, you’re loving it so far and feel hardcore in the gym- always a bonus 🙂 Keep rocking it out, my friends. Last night, I experimented with […]