Raw honey Processing credit card transactions, anytime, anywhere (You slide the card through the bottom of the iPhone!) Homemade coconut butter This cake that my bro decorated at culinary school (Yes, it says “Illest” and I almost dug into it face first) Bella’s fascination with prairie dogs (she wants to catch one SO badly!) The […]

Reader’s Request: Smoothies vs Juices


Hiiiii How are you? Hope you’ve had an amazing day <3 I’ve gotten a lot of questions about smoothies and juices, so I thought it would be a fun reader’s request A little video: For the record, this combo: doesn’t taste very good. (The grapefruit was a little bold) But it looks pretty, right? Some […]

What to Say?


Hi friends <3 (Taken at Sunday’s yoga event) How are you? Happy Indian Food Wednesday! Hope you’re having a fabulous morning. It was kind of challenging to write about last night’s dinner, because one of my “courses” was this: That would be half a can of organic kidney beans, heated and eaten out of a […]

Double Dip


Heyyyyyy How are ya? Before teaching this morning, I enjoyed a fabulous green juice. It’s the same one I’ve been making for the past week + (green apple, cucumber, romaine, lemon) but I might get a little crazy tomorrow and change it up As I made my juice in my Jack LaLanne juicer, I definitely […]

Socca Swooning


Hiiiiii How are you? Hope your morning is off to a lovely start! Thanks for the feedback on the WSU Week 2 workout- from what I can hear, you’re loving it so far and feel hardcore in the gym- always a bonus Keep rocking it out, my friends. Last night, I experimented with a new-to-me […]

Friends with Nature


Hi friends! How’s your day going?? I climbed a mountain today Michele, Liz and I took a day trip to Phoenix to explore Camelback Mountain, eat lunch and shop. It was my first time hiking Camelback, and even though it was a little tricky, the views more than made up for it. We didn’t make […]

Winter Shape Up 2011 Week 2


Hi friends! Happy Monday! Hope your morning is going well <3 Thank you so much for all of your amazing feedback regarding the Winter Shape Up. As I kinda hinted at, I’ve been keeping track of those who left comments when they finished the workout… This week’s WSU Warrior is: Ann! Send me an email […]

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