Morning friends! Looks like it’s time to say goodbye to my Valentine roses from the Pilot. Throwing away flowers is always so sad! I usually toss them as soon as they start to wilt, but held onto those ones a little longer Some recent eats: Peach protein and goat milk kefir smoothie Hummmmmus and bell […]

Waited All Day….


to have needles sticking out of my body. I’m an artist, really Bahaha. Every time I have an acupuncture appointment, I look forward to it all day! So peaceful and a lovely hour nap. Before my needle-y nap, I had b-fast with my mom and nana at the Delicious Egg, taught a class enjoyed a […]

Insanity and Bodyrock


Hi friends! How’s your morning? Hope you’re having a wonderful day <3 I’ve found a pretty good dinner method for the nights that I teach. Teaching on a superfull belly is no picnic, so I’ll usually have a smoothie or protein ice cream before class:   (1 C almond milk, 1 C organic strawberries and […]

Healthy egg salad


Hey guys! How’s your day been? Thank you so much for all of your lovely nominations- I appreciate it so much and am looking forward to returning the favor later this evening So the Pilot and I have always had pretty clear ideas of who does what in our little household. We each have our […]

Fluff and Substance


Hi friends How’s your day going? Hope you’re having a lovely morning! It’s gloomy here. It actually RAINED last night! A little secret: Arizona people are afraid of rain. When it rains, we avoid driving at all costs, stay in our houses, and make delicious dinners It started off with some steamed b-nut squash: Topped […]

The End of a Detox


Hiiiii Happy Sunday!! How’s your day been? Thank you so much for the fun comments on my detox is over celebration I got to re-live some of the delicious eats again for breakfast this morning. Leftover pescado and green beans on top of an egg + egg white with a slice of goat cheese Leftover […]

Three Words


Dinner with besties Swankified Mexican food Menu changes daily According to freshness Orange Vanilla Margarita ( x2 :)   ) Just like nanas: Spicy, buttery pescado Goodbye forever, Detox.

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