The End of a Detox


Hiiiii 😀 Happy Sunday!! How’s your day been? Thank you so much for the fun comments on my detox is over celebration I got to re-live some of the delicious eats again for breakfast this morning. Leftover pescado and green beans on top of an egg + egg white with a slice of goat cheese […]

Three Words


Dinner with besties Swankified Mexican food Menu changes daily According to freshness Orange Vanilla Margarita ( x2 :)   ) Just like nanas: Spicy, buttery pescado Goodbye forever, Detox.

Like a Yogi in the Sun


Hi friends!! How’s your Saturday been? I started off my day for the long-awaited return of an old friend: breakfast cookie dough cereal! Using Nuttzo for the nut butter and pomegranate-blueberry goat’s milk kefir for half the milk (almond for the other half) took it OVER THE TOP. After my foodgasmic breakfast, I enjoyed a […]

“Let’s Go Out to Breakfast”


Hi friends! How’s your day been? <3 I’m a late blogger tonight- it was a crazy day! The kind where on my only 30 minute break, instead of writing a quick blog post, I needed to close my eyes for a second in silence haha. Thank you so much for your sweet comments about having […]

Wait Date


Heyyyyy hey It’s FRIDAY!!   (Viessy has a very hard life) What are you up to this weekend?? Hope you have something fun going on! We have my “Detox is Over” party tomorrow night– I’m a little more than excited. LOVED reading your comments to last night’s post! It’s amazing how things work out the […]

Why I Love Valdosta


I know what you’re thinking. You saw the title and probably thought “What in the what? LOVE Valdosta? She couldn’t stand that place” As you guys know, I wasn’t the biggest Valdosta fan on the planet and definitely made it known a thousand handful of times on the blog. Even though I wasn’t in love […]

Goat Cheeseball


(As I just wrote that title, I had a beautiful vision of an herbed goat cheese ball appetizer. That sounds delicious) How are ya? It’s almost the weekend!! I started my day off with a Bodyrock workout (today was the Hot Body Beach Workout and I LURVED it)- I never thought I’d find a workout […]

Cake Flop


Hi friends! How are you?? So glad you liked the Pilot’s guest post. I love when he writes posts for the bloggy, even though they make me miss him just a tiny bit more. Hurry the heck home, face! Lately, I’ve been walking Bella around the base trail, which is right behind the golf course. […]

Dreams of a Different Desert


Hey, friends! Tis the Pilot from an undisclosed location with an unacceptable lack of margaritas and Ginas. I hope you guys are doing well on this Wednesday. Things are a little “Ground Hog Day” around here without a whole lot of change (had to check the computer to figure out what day of the week […]

I’ve got a spring fever…


and the only cure is a NEW DRESS Heh heh. (Express-  one my my purchases from yesterday’s shopstravaganza with the madre. The Pilot asked if I did retail therapy to compensate for Valentine’s loneliness… he knows me too well) How are you guys doing? It’s gorgeous in T-town! 80 degrees today. The hotter, the better […]

WSU Warriors


Hiiiiii 😀 How are you? Hope you’re having a lovely morning, despite the chocolate and vino hangovers than many of ya might have 😉 I started off my morning with a bowl of breakfast quinoa: With: -protein -almond milk -blueberries -cinnamon, raw cacao powder, instant decaf espresso -raw honey Lurve. A recent dinner: Sautéed onions, […]

20 Days of Detox


Hi friends! How’s your V-day been? (Pilot, you’re outta control.. and I love you) So glad you guys liked the love story I had a lovely Valentine’s Day with my madre, spent shopping and followed by the King’s Speech. We LOVED it. An excellent, well-made film, and Colin Firth is very nice to look at […]

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