{Video Post} Traveling Snacks

Hey hey hey! :) How are you? Hope you’re having a great morning <3 Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on the reader’s request post.

 We find out TOMORROW (or so they say…) where we’ll be stationed. The anxiety is KILLING ME– I just want to knoooooooow :) Even crazier, I’ll probably be on a plane when the Pilot gets the email, so he said he’ll throw a blog post up with the deets on where we’re going. Insanity.

So last night, my lulu loves and I had a trunk show at the U of A rec center (gym). The girls there LOVED it!

Tables of pants (groove, wunder unders, groove crops) and shorts:

trunk sale

and racks of tanks. If I walked into a gym and saw that, I would think it was Christmas :)

After the trunk show, I taught an extra-sweaty class and then came home to see Bella Boo and get some work done.

Some recent eats:


Tuna salad with goat’s milk yogurt, mustard, red bell pepper, onion, sea salt, pepper, chickpeas, garlic

I enjoyed half in a salad beast with spinach, balsamic and hummus:

tuna (2)



Snack: egg-stada with goat cheese and pico


So, since I’m leaving for a work vacay tomorrow (more deets to come), I’ve been gathering goodies for the weekend snack stash.snacks

When I travel, it’s not so much about “having to have my own food” –90% of traveling fun is to check out local restaurants and try new things!- but for convenience sake, I like to know I have something on hand if I get the munchies.

A little video to share my traveling snacks for this weekend:


-Cheesy Kale Chips

-Amazeballz (or “Amaaahhhhhze- ballz)

Hope you enjoy!

I’m off to work and getting a massage on my break. Maybe it will help the “tomorrow we find out where we’re going to live” anxiety.

Enjoy your day, friends!



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Today’s workout jam: “Loca” by Shakira. She can do no wrong, really :)

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  1. Travelling snacks are KEY. I like to make up a batch of green smoothie and freeze it in a glass jar for road trips.

  2. Thanks for the video! Now I wanna buy a bigger purse to carry more snacks in :)

  3. My fingers are crossed for a GREAT location for you!

    (and I’m totally copying your snacks for my trip this weekend, too!)

  4. Cant wait to hear where you will be headed,how exciting! Love you vlog on travel snacks , I always have a mini bag of carrots,almonds or a pure bar in my purse.

  5. Great post and video, I always travel with snacks and pack full meals for flights. Can’t wait for the location details, hope its awesome!

  6. Great post! I ALWAYS carry snacks with me and now I have a few more ideas, so thank you for sharing!!!
    I hope you get a fabulous location. I can’t wait to find out where you’re going!!!

  7. I always have at least one snack in my purse for if the munchies strike. No one likes me when I’m hungry and bitchy haha. ;)

    That’s so exciting that you find out tomorrow! My fingers are crossed for you.

  8. If you have doggies that like to get into your purse around, be sure to keep the xylitol gum out of their reach!! Xylitol can cause liver failure in pups in pretty small amounts. That’s my PSA for the day :)

    • Fitnessista says:

      you’re right – i always make sure the gum is far away from bella, but she would never go after my food or into my purse without permission. she’s very well trained ;)

  9. Thanks so much for the snack ideas! i’m always on the run and never know what snack to grab!

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