Art of House Persuasion


Hey hey How are you? Hope you’ve had a lovely day! Thank you so much for your sweet words about the job sitch. It’s not usually fun when things change unexpectedly –especially when you’re Type A- but I’m that it will all work out. PS. Loved your “put the lemons in your bra” quote- cracked […]

Morning Juice


Hi friends! Good morning Hope you’re having a fun and relaxing Sunday. How crazy was that b-ball game last night?   It was basically a two hour panic attack. It was a close game, but my Wildcats didn’t conquer. Very proud to be a Cat, though We started off our morning by juicing a small […]

Want to Rolf?


Hi friends! Happy Saturday Hope you’re having a wonderful day so far. First things first, the winner of the 3 batches of custom macaroons is: Lindsay W. Congrats, girl! Stay tuned for an email from me later today <3 Thank you again SO much to all of you for supporting Luon for a Cause <3 […]

Weighted Forever


Hey friends! How was your Friday? Hope you had a wonderful day Before I set off on work to-dos this morning, I made the Pilot some blueberry scones: (Nothing too crazy- they were the kind you pop out of a can, but the healthy kind from Whole Paycheck) and also had a date with something […]

They’re elite like that


Hey friends! Happy Friday! Hope your day is going well. Thank you so much for all of your support with Luon for a Cause. Together, so far we’ve raised $2461 for the Red Cross! Amazing <3 The roon raffle has been extended to midnight tonight (EST) and the winner will be announced tomorrow. If you’d […]

Luon for a Cause + Roon Raffle


Hey guys! How are you? Can you believe it’s almost the weekend? Bring it Thank you SO much to those of you who donated items for Luon for a Cause! I think we’re going to be able to raise quite a bit of moolah for the Red Cross, especially in the aftermath of such a […]

Q & A Fun


Hiiiiii How are you guys? Hope your day has been wonderful! We’ve been snack machines today Smoothies: (Banana Peanut Butter for him and Strawberry for me- my Sun Warrior came while I was away, so that was a happy surprise! I missed it so) Snack plates: and ballz I couldn’t wait to make some amazeballz […]

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