{Video Post} Pros and Cons of Deployment

1. Pro: You get the entire bed to yourself.


(Unless you have a puppy snuggler, but it still isn’t the same)

Con: You go to bed alone, every.single.night.

2. Pro: You don’t have to worry about cooking fancy meals.


Con: Instead, you end up eating a LOT of eggs




and soup.


3. Con: The Murphy’s Law of Deployment sets into motion. If it can go wrong, it will. Flat tires, house disasters, kitchen fires, kid problems, everything. I was a little luckier this time around, and only had to worry about moving twice, with two dogs, during the 6-month deployment.


There were LOTS of little things that I could have used my buddy for, but not anything I couldn’t handle.

me (2)

Pro: You rise above it, conquer the challenges and become a stronger, more independent person.

And then of course, there’s the worry, loneliness, feeling like a nun, wanting to throw your shoe at happy couples walking by…

4. Con: The days crawl by, as if they time they’re supposed to return will never arrive.

Pro: And then, [god-willing] they come home..


us (3)


us (4) 

Thank you so much for hanging out with me during this past deployment <3 All of you made it so much more bearable. I always look forward to your kind words, comments and amazing discussions- they’re a sparkle in my day :)

Now that the Pilot is back, expect even more shenanigans and adventures ;)

To all of the wives/girlfriends/fiances/family members of a deployed service member, or someone who is about to deploy, I am praying for you that they come home soon and safely. Sending love and thanks to you. <3 In the meantime, keep thinking about the happy feeling of when they come home. There really is nothing like it….




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  1. I am so glad I didn’t just clear out my google reader this morning because I would have missed this… I’m balling like a baby in my room by myself over that sweet video… congratulations on getting your Pilot back, Gina!!!! <3 <3

  2. Oh, Gina and Pilot! I cried happy tears reading this post. I loved the pics, and the video also made me tear up — especially when that guy shook the Pilot’s hand, thanking him.

    My brother got back from Afghanistan a year ago in May, and I can still remember seeing him at the airport for the first time. I was living in the UK at the time and came back to Canada to surprise him. His wife, my parents and I all waited anxiously, biting our nails and pacing, at the airport. And then he walked down the stairs into Arrivals and pointed at me, mouthing, “YOU??!” with a huge smile.

    I remember his wife rushing up and hugging him, and the relief on everyone’s faces was priceless. Not even a month later she was pregnant (hahahaha) and now they have a beautiful baby boy.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, this post felt like I breathed a sigh of relief. The Pilot’s home, everyone’s smiling… just a little bit of sunshine in a very crazy world! Congratulations you two, and welcome home to the Pilot!

  3. I’m crying with joy for you both. I am so glad the deployment is over. I grew up in a family where my Dad was deployed. I’m older now and my brother-in-law is in the Navy. We’ve been at the site when he’s returned and there is just nothing like the feeling of joy when loved ones come home. What a perfect song you chose- Thank you for sharing your journeys :)

  4. Caroline says:

    Have a great time together! So adorable that really made me smile and cry all at once!!

  5. I’m eighteen and my boyfriend/best friend is 21. He’s deploying to Iraq for the first time this summer, and he won’t be back until January of 2012. :( . . . I’m sad all ready. Thank you for sharing!

  6. already* . . . heh

  7. I just sat here crying watching your video! So sweet. Thank you! Thank your husband too!

  8. Oh Gina, thank you for sharing this with us. This is sweet beyond words. :) Enjoy each other.

  9. seriously, this was breathtaking. i am so happy for you!

  10. Oh my gosh!! I haven’t been on my computer all weekend, and look what I missed! I’m so happy for you! Your video was beautiful, and I was getting excited for both of you as you were getting closer to each other! Enjoy each other, and welcome home Pilot! :)

  11. Such a cute video! :) Yay for the Pilot being home!!

  12. So glad he’s home safe! I of course am alone in my office crying like a fool now. :)

  13. My brother is a Marine jet pilot, and I have a really hard time whenever he is gone. I see him very rarely these days.

    He just got married to my wonderful sister-in-law, and she and I are very close. When he is away from her, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for her. We keep each other company and hold each other up when it gets rough.

    She is such a strong woman, and so are you (and all military wives/mothers/girlfriends/sisters). Great post.

  14. This was so amazing and touching. You are strong person! Yay!! for having him home with you :)

  15. So happy for both of you. Still crying from watching the movie…together at last.

  16. Meghan White says:

    This is simply just adorable. I cried. You two are wonderful together! :)

  17. Ah I needed to see this video tonight.. I’m bawling, along w everyone else who watched. Oh goodness.. I am so happy for you and the Pilot, and glad he is back safe and sound. I literally just got home today from visiting my boyfriend who;s also Air Force, stationed in FL. I 100% understand the incredible feeling of being reunited with your buddy/best friend. Thank you for this video, AND all your posts about military/being a mil spouse/surviving the deployments and distance- it;s appreciated!

  18. Adorable ;) Enjoy all your time together. This video was simple heartwarming.

  19. For some reason I can nit view the video is there a link that I can go directly to YouTube to see it?

  20. I’m late to the game, but I’m so happy for you that the Pilot is home. It sounds like you guys are getting to enjoy each other’s company!

  21. Wow, great video! Now I’m crying at work in the middle of the day…So happy that you and the Pilot are re-united again!

  22. I left this comment on the actual Youtube video itself but I wanted to make sure that you were able to see it:

    Oh my gosh. I wasn’t able to watch this video the other day (I was on my iPhone) and I finally had a chance to sit down and watch it. Wow. I have chills and am crying. Thank you Gina for being such a strong woman standing behind Tom & thank you Tom for your service. I am so thankful to have people like you fighting for our country!

  23. Hey Gina,
    This is the first time I’ve ever commented, although I read your blog religiously (and have a special affection for it since my name is Gina, too). I hadn’t had the opportunity to view this video until today, but it was so touching and sweet. So happy for you and so happy The Pilot is home safe and sound. You two are an inspiration to us all! love, gina.

  24. Yay for you guys!!! I know how you feel! My husband should be home from his third deployment in less than two months!!!

  25. I’m late posting but along w/the others, I cried. Thank you Gina for your daily inspiration and thank you Pilot for your service and self sacrifice. You two are an adorable couple and I couldn’t just watch this w/o posting!! *prayers* to you both!!

  26. I can’t stop watching this.

    SO happy the pilot is home with you.

  27. My friend sent me this blog post link as I can relate to it so much. My pilot returned on Feb 9 after 5 months deployed and 2 weeks delay coming home… the hardest thing I’ve ever been through, but so worth the wait! I see you’re a fitness instructor too – I teach Bodypump – teaching helps me to keep busy and keep my mind sane when he’s away :) Good luck to you both!

  28. Ok girl, I saw your post and pictures via facebook but just now watched the video. Holy sobbing! What an amazing, and beautiful video you put together! I loved that it’s from both of your perspectives— and the security guard shaking his hand, yeah it put me over the top! Maybe I shouldn’t watch things like this while we’re going through a (mini) deployment, but it is so beautiful to see you guys reunited! I prayed for all of you during your deployment, as that last one still seems like it was yesterday, and I’m so glad they are all back!!

  29. This totally brought a tear to my eye!

  30. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to not see my Fiance for so long.
    The video was the sweetest thing ever-I cried like a baby when you saw one another!

  31. Nicole Rodriguez (@Nicole2112) says:

    Oh mercy….that was beautiful!

  32. I LOVE your video! What a sweet keepsake of your pilot’s homecoming! My husband is in the Navy and I think a deployment is in our future. Seeing this video inspires me to be strong when that time comes. Thank you!

  33. This made me cry!!! That is the neatest footage!!

  34. My husband and I just watched this together and while I cried like a baby he was not far from tears at all. Amazing.

  35. So beautiful!! Glad you linked to this so I could see it. I cried a little. Of course.

  36. …aaaaand i’m crying now. You guys are so adorable. What an amazing post <3

  37. This just made my day. I’m so glad that the Pilot is now home with you and your family is back together (soon to be 3!!). I hope he is home to stay :)

  38. I have a lot of favourite posts by you, but this is by far my favouritist, ever.

    I’m not sure whether it was the choice of song, but I literally had goosebumps from beginning to end. You must be so proud of him, and it can’t be easy everytime he has to go away, but this video sums up all of the emotions you both feel while you are not together, and the warmth and love that surrounds you and your beautiful little family.

    Wishing you and the pilot all of the happiness in the world for 2012.

  39. That video is so sweet!!

  40. Danielle says:

    Just watched this for the first time. Bawling.

  41. I’m a newish reader and just found this today (today’s post>life’s not a beach>this post!)… and I am bawling! So beautiful, and such an amazing idea to capture such a wonderful event.

  42. Oh man I basically just have to plan to cry if I’m going to be reading your blog ha ha.

  43. Dear Gina,
    I hope you get this, I know this post is old.
    At first, I laughed at your blog. I laughed at you. I was just passing through to check it out. But of course, like any good thing it grew on me.

    I was jealous. I will be the first to admit it. You have everything I have always wanted. A husband. A child. A successful training career. However, I realize it is not all sunshine. This post made me want to cry for you and I didn’t even watch the video (internet is too slow).

    I was searching for great blogs that I could get workout motivation from so I looked at Shape’s Top 20 and others too. They were all very bland… For the most part. Yet for some reason I still remembered your blog so I came and checked it out once more.

    You really are an inspiration to me. I can be humble enough to admit that and look to you for inspiration instead of look to you for competition. I am not usually the respond to blogs kind of gal, but I wanted you to know. Somewhere you have planted a seed of hope and compassion in me.

    Thank you.

  44. Hello! I just found your blog, found it on Pinterest. I have experienced these same “deployment” feelings over and over during the 10 years I was active duty and the now 3 years I have been a spouse to an Air Force member. Oh, I cried like a baby watching this. I am SO GLAD he got back safe! I can totally identify with the “if it could happen while he’s gone it will” problems. My husband left 2 months after our son was born and returned when he was 9 months. No words. But, I know we are stronger for it! Thank you for posting. Your blog is wonderful! Keep up the amazing work!

    • Fitnessista says:

      wow, thank you so much, jen! and also thank you for your sacrifice and service.
      it was nice to “meet” you and i appreciate the kind words so much!

  45. Just watched this whole video for no reason again and i’m crying : )

  46. I watch this anytime I need a good, lovely dovey, happy cry. : )

  47. Hello from Barcelona :) The video is absolutely amazing!!

    I’ve just discovered your blog and I have a lot of things to read now.

  48. Oh man, this was just what I needed after a rough day of missing my Manfolk! Thank you for reminding me there is an end! <3

  49. I love your face in that last picture. You look so grateful and relieved. You can see the love on both of your faces. Look at how he holds you! Like he can’t let you go anytime soon. How sweet.

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