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Happy Eater

Morning friends <3 Hope your day is going well so far! Since it’s Easter Sunday, I have to post my favorite Easter pic of Vies: 🙂 Yesterday ended up being pretty chill. We went swimming, I munched a couple of random snacks: (veg with nutritional yeast and pineapple protein ice cream. I haven’t had pineapple […]

Fashion Worm

Hi friends! Happy Saturday! How’s your day going? I had A NIGHT last night. The Pilot and I were talking on the phone, and I was Googling celebrity style tips (love copying celebrity fashion). Next thing I knew, I horrible worm was attacking my computer :/ The Pilot and I worked together for 3 hours […]

Water for Bella

Hi friends 😀 How was your Friday? I’m a little late posting tonight because today was full of taxes and then I met some friends for dinner and a movie. We’ve been anxiously waiting for Water for Elephants to come out, so it was the obvious choice 😉 Source The verdict? SO good. Robert Pattinson […]

Tax Time and Fit Friday

Hey hey hey 🙂 Happy Friday! How’s your morning going? Thanks for the sweet words about Tiffany 🙂 She’s a cutie for sure. I already explained to Bella that they’d be meeting today, and to please be friendly to her. Haha. B-fast this morning was a smoothie in a bowl: (new bowl from World Market) […]

Future Pet Hoarder?

Hey friends 🙂 How’s your day been? I fell in love with about 50 dogs today. As a little adventure, we went to play with puppies at the Humane Society… especially since the fam knew I’ve been looking for a little friend for Bella. Ever since Viesa went off to college, we can tell Bella’s […]

Birthday Sweat

Hi friends! How are you? It’s almost the weekend!! It’s also my little brother’s birthday 🙂 (<— I say “little”, but he’s 16) One of my gifts to him: A big ‘ol sweat spot!!! Buahaha >:) We went to the base gym last night, so I could walk around the track and read “Clean Eating” […]

The best gluten-free brownies

Hey friends 🙂 How was your day? Mine was pretty bueno- got lots done (drug test for work, called to make sure my cert is good to go, conference call, brownie baking), and LOVED reading your comments to this morning’s post. Since there was a lot of back and forth (which was civil and polite- […]

Focus On: Tracy Anderson Method

Morning friends! How’s your day going? Thank you so much for your awesome discussion on sugar last night and for the sweet compliments on the new job- I’ve very excited! I’m actually off to take my drug test this morning (ie Operation Golden Flow) so that I can start working soon 😀 In the meantime, […]

Hold the sugar

Hi friends! How are you? Hope you’ve had a wonderful day so far <3 I got a job today!! Remember the interview I had last week? I was starting to get a little worried because I hadn’t heard anything, but today they called me in to meet the other instructors and fill out paperwork. I […]

My Favorite Night

Hey hey hey 😀 How are ya? Thanks so much for the scallop tips! I was soooo nervous to cook them up… but used your advice and they came out beautifully!! Here’s a re-cap of what I did, which was a mixture of all of your lovely Facebook and Twitter suggestions: 1. Rinse the scallops […]

More fun than taxes

Hey hey 🙂 It’s meeeeee again. 3x today! I only like to blog when I have a lot to say, so I guess I’ve had a lot to say today? 😉 Don’t you fret –I won’t start clogging up your Google readers or get all cray cray on ya. Today has been super productive- I […]

Focus On: Pole Fitness

Hi lovelies 😀 How has your day been? As always, thanks for your fabulous comments this morning. I’m so thankful to have y’all hanging out with me <3 I thought it would be fun to do some spontaneous posts featuring more obscure workouts and classes. When I put the call out on Facebook, Pole dancing […]