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Out and About with the Pilot

Hey, blog world! How are you guys? As you can see from the empty spot on the couch next to me, G’s at work leaving me to hold down the casa since I’m still on leave. That sounded pretty nice until I noticed that there’s a “Lamar and Khloe” marathon on the television…time to leave […]

We’ve been gone for too long…

Now it’s time to bring it back. Indian Food Wednesday!!! After a brief (ok, really long) hiatus, we decided that it was high time we had some Indian food in our life. I had a crazy long day at work, and when the Pilot picked me up, I was more than ready to go on […]

Getting into Group Ex

Hi friends! How are you? Hope you’re having a great day so far <3 It’s Indian Food Wednesday! And you’ll never believe it, but we’re actually celebrating tonight. The Pilot said it’s high time we brought it back.. and I’m not one to argue 😉 Lot’s of food prep has been happening over here 😀 […]

Wardrobe Essentials

I often get a questions about how to build a wardrobe, and clothing must-haves. Hopefully this list will help you out a little.. and like me, will give you more options when you’re shopping and don’t really *need* anything 😉 1. Dark-wash, perfect-fitting bootcut and skinny jeans A great pair of jeans is like a […]

A one-car family

Hi friends 😀 How was your day? Hope it’s been great 🙂 We’ve been busy bees over here. No one showed for my early Zumba class –mayjah sad face- so we went to pick up the car from being serviced and ended up at Beyond Bread. The day they start serving gluten-free bread, I’m having […]

Focus On: Hoop Dancing

Hey hey 🙂 How are you? Hope you’re having a great morning so far <3 Thank you so much for the sweet words on the house- we can’t wait 🙂 I’m off to teach early Zumba, but thought it would be a fun time for a “Focus On” post- Hoop Dancing! This is one that […]

Taking the Plunge

Hiiiii 😀 How’s your day been? Mine has been frantic but fantastic. We’re taking the plunge. After a weekend of back-and-forth negotiations with the bank, today we said “eff it, let’s do this”, accepted their last offer and got the ball rolling today. Since interest rates are low and it’s a short sale, it’s going […]

Discount Shopping Sites

Not to boast or anything, but I’m kind of an online shopping ninja. It’s actually one of the reasons why the blog was born… I was online shopping (again), bored in Valdosta one day and the Pilot told me I needed a hobby. Anyway, after years of practice I’ve become a pro. It’s so convenient, […]

Reader’s Request: Plateaus

Hey friends 🙂 How’s your morning treating ya? Hope it’s been lovely so far 🙂 Lately, I’ve received quite a few emails/comments about plateaus and thought it would be perfect for this morning’s post. *Friendly disclaimer: if talking about calories/weight/plateaus is a triggering or uncomfortable topic for you, please skip this particular reader’s request. I’ll […]

Special Dessert Visitor

Hi friends! How are you? Hope you had a very happy Sunday 🙂 We’re spent the day catching up with the fam and just got back from dinner at my dadoo’s house– it was a gorgeous day in Tucson. We dined al fresco on the patio: and it was glorious. My stepmom (who always makes […]

Cut it off!

Hi friends! How are you? Hope you’re having a glorious Sunday morning 🙂 Thank you so much for your sweet comments on the Pilot’s return. It still doesn’t feel real <3 Last night, we went with the fam to Pinnacle Peak for dinner. The Pilot wanted a steak, and I’d been wanting to take him […]

End of the world?

Hi friends 😀 How are you? Hope you had a wonderful day! (What is that little funny thing? He hitched a ride on my mirror, so I took a pic) My day was good, but emotionally and mentally exhausting, which is why I’m finally just now blogging. Also why I’m going to save my “plateau […]