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June 26: Trying to detour Worry City

So the entire time I’ve been pregnant, people have been commenting on how “chill” I’ve been about the whole thing. I’ve been eating what I’ve been craving, rolling with the morning sickness and fatigue (which is starting to go away!), stopped reading baby books and websites 24/7 and am trying to relax a little more. […]

Our favorite little thing

Hi friends 😀 Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a beautiful day <3 I had an amazing little date night with that seksi man I’m married to 😉 The sign of an excellent meal? When your table looks like this: Feastly. For dinner, we went to our favorite Tucson place: Cafe Poca Cosa. I’ve written about […]

Summer lovin’: Embroidered tops

I always get a little giddy inside when embroidered tops are in style. They don’t just scream summer… they scream summer whilst dancing at a pool party, margarita in hand. They’re perfect for everyday, breezy, great for traveling and can be paired with so many different things. This is my newest love: Tory Burch I […]

Date Night

Morning friends! Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday 🙂 Thank you for the sweet comments on the house- we’re so excited. Last night, the Pilot and I decided to be social and went to the pool with Kyle and Meg. It was 103* at night (!) but I love Tucson summers… even though your shirt […]

Inspector Gadgets

Hi friends! How’s your Friday treating ya? We just got back from inspection at our new casa 😀 [Bump alert! haha] The verdict? It went well!! We were lucky to have an AMAZING inspector. He had so many crazy gadgets to check the temperatures of the walls and air coming out of the AC unit, […]

Stoked for ‘chokes

Hi friends! IT’S FRIDAY!! Hope you have fun plans for this weekend <3 Last night’s lasagna was a hit 😀 While I was at Zumba, the Pilot finished baking the lasagna so it would be ready when I got home, and also boiled some local, organic artichokes. I haven’t had a choke (or any green […]

White bean, spinach and goat cheese lasagna

Hey hey hey 😀 How are you? Hope you’re having a glorious afternoon/night. I was so thankful that a work friend could cover the morning part of my shift today- I busted out my productivity pants! I ran errands wrote two blog posts took care of finances/bills/blah curled my hair and made a new recipe […]

Preg Fashion

I’ve been having a bit of a fashion dilemma lately. My bump looks more like I ate a foot-long (on NON gluten-free bread haha) and maybe a few donuts. People may wonder if there might be a baby in there, but it definitely isn’t to the point where it’s obvious. In this in betweener limbo […]

Strap Wins

Hiiiiii friends 😀 It’s almost the weekend! Thank.goodness. [I got Bella to make that face by asking her if she loves her dad more than me. She said yes, haha] It’s a good day today- one of the girls from work is covering my morning shift so I only have to work in the afternoon. […]

Speedo Demon

Hi friends! How are you? Hope you had a lovely day so far <3 It was ROASTY TOASTY today. Thank goodness I got to assist a pool class in my superhawt Speedo. I just broke my “no pictures in a swimsuit” rule –but since it’s a goofy swimsuit I don’t think it counts- and the […]

A new training buddy

Morning friends <3 Happy Indian Food Wednesday 😀 Hope your day is going well so far! I started mine off with a bowl of goodness… I went crazy for this stuff pretty much all last summer, so I was excited to pick up a bag at the health food store. Instead of just being chia […]

Give me three

Hi friends <3 Hope you’ve had a lovely day. Mine was a DOOZY. We had service training at the resort, so I learned about our level of guest service and other knowledge tidbits today. I really enjoyed the class, but it’s so hard for me to sit still for 8 hours. The good news is […]