BYOC: Bring your own chili Morning friends! How’s your day going? Hope it’s off to a fantastic start I’ve been a meal repeater the past couple of days…. That’s the lovely “slice and salad” from Renee’s Organic Oven. Renee’s opened fairly recently and specializes in local, organic foods and they have a TON of gluten-free […]

Let’s Snoogle


Hi friends How was your day? It’s hot as ballz here. Tucson summers don’t mess around, but I love them. No humidity (my hair says thank you) and the monsoons are incredible. Today was kind of a weird day. We had an ultrasound, which I was super nervous about but it ended up going well […]

Baby Can Zumba


4 1/2 weeks: 12 1/2 weeks: There’s a legit baby in there It was so crazy to go to today’s ultrasound and see a REAL baby. No lentil, no little bean… a baby. And my experience with today’s ultrasound compared to the one I had almost a month ago: night and day. No cold jelly […]

Summer Shape Up 2011 Week 4


Hey hey Happy Monday! Let’s make this week an amazing one <3 It’s the final week of Summer Shape Up 2011! I hope that everyone enjoyed switching up their workout routines and are seeing some results from the hard work. If you’d like to make it an 8-week Summer Shape Up, you can always repeat […]

All things Summer


Hi friends How are you? Hope you had a lovely Sunday <3 My day was full of what summer dreams are made of… sleeping in a noodly yoga class floating on a raft in the pool while gabbing with a friend and watermelon fresh from the farmer’s market The Pilot and I shared that entire […]

June 26: Trying to detour Worry City


So the entire time I’ve been pregnant, people have been commenting on how “chill” I’ve been about the whole thing. I’ve been eating what I’ve been craving, rolling with the morning sickness and fatigue (which is starting to go away!), stopped reading baby books and websites 24/7 and am trying to relax a little more. […]

Our favorite little thing


Hi friends Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a beautiful day <3 I had an amazing little date night with that seksi man I’m married to The sign of an excellent meal? When your table looks like this: Feastly. For dinner, we went to our favorite Tucson place: Cafe Poca Cosa. I’ve written about Poca Cosa […]

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