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Two Candles

Hey hey hey 😀 How was your day? Ours was super productive and bueno <3

After a glorious bfast prepared by the Pilot


(Eggs and toast FTW- covered in salsa)

we started unpacking frenzy 2011. We got through a ton of boxes, and then took a trip to World Market as a break.

Cushions for 75% off? Don’t mind if I do….

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We grabbed some cushions for the outdoor set


+ the balcony lounge chair. I’ve already dubbed it the blog chair 😉 [Also picked up our other 2 dining room chairs that were on hold, since the first location we went to last week only had 4, some teak oil, flower arrangements and candles. World Market has the best candles]

My Dadoo, Stepmom, little bros and Nana came over to check out our progress so far, and brought over a beautiful balcony table and chairs, plus this book:


I can’t wait to dive in 🙂

Lunch was way too much Chipoddle.


Vegetarian salad with black beans, hot salsa, pico, and double guac. It gave me heartburn and I’m miserably full, but it was so delicious.

The Pilot is munching eegee’s for dinner and I’ll probably roll with a smoothie later, since I’m still stuffed.

This week’s meal ideas are going to be inspired by some recipes in here:clean eating

Tonight will be a late-y since I have a [fun] project to finish up for tomorrow, but I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday!

See ya bright and early! <3




A little giveaway….

NEW playlist and schweaty August cardio workout

Something to talk about: Totally random but has anyone tried these things?

ear candles

They’ve always given me the heeby jeebies but from the description it’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience. Supposedly you can hear the sound of the ocean while the opposite end of the candle is lit [the other end is.. in your ear]

My madre asked me to pick some up for my stepdad, who has been having some trouble with his hearing. It was hilarious because the way my mom explained it to me was: “remember in Keeping Up With the Kardashians when Khloe put that candle in Bruce’s ear to help with his hearing? Would you mind picking some up?”

bruce-jenner-ear-candle-350x195 Source

Living in the Room

Hiiiii 😀 Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a beautiful and relaxing day <3 For my lunch break yesterday, I came home to have a random lunch 2 smoothies (almond milk, banana, frozen organic berries, Sun Warrior, almond butter, cacao powder, cinnamon and stevia) + a bowl of broccoli with Goddess dressing then I took a […]

Zumba girl crush + 50 questions

Hi friends! Happy Saturday 🙂 What are you up to this weekend? Last night, I met up at the mall to meet up with the squadron wives to see a movie. It ended up only being myself and my friend Emily who showed up, so we saw Horrible Bosses and then went to pick up […]

Shrimp lovin’ + Friday Frenzy workout

Hi friends! How is your Friday going? Hope you’ve had a lovely day. Thanks for those of you who shared your food-hungry-crazy stories over on the Family page this morning. It’s nice to know I’m not alone 😉 I woke up this morning the total opposite of refreshed. Tired, groggy and kind of out-of-it. The […]

“Sorry about that”

(Baby’s first Zumba outfit, courtesy of Suzi! I LOVE it) I’m kind of embarrassed to see my husband later today. Last night, I had the first real, major, pregnancy hormone-related meltdown… and it probably scared him a little bit. When I got home from work, he asked what I was thinking for dinner and I […]

Tackling moving mountain

Hi friends! How was your day? Hope it was amazing <3 We’re making progress with our mountain of unpacking. I say “we”, but it’s really 90% this guy… he is a machine. While he was home on his lunch break, he put together our new World Market patio furniture and before I got home from […]

Coffee Shop Blogging

Hiiiii 😀 Happy almost-Friday! Thanks for all of the natural cleaning suggestions- I’m excited to try out your ideas this weekend 🙂 Last night I was so stoked to make a *real* dinner in the new kitchen… but realized we need to do a little bit more unpacking before that can happen 😉 I did […]

Mrs. Clean

Hi friends! How was your day? Hope it’s been lovely <3 {Bella already owns the place} I spent a majority of my day cleaning the things the cleaner neglected yesterday, which was pretty much everything 😉 The good news is that I LOVE to clean and the even better news was that I took your […]

Man Fashion

Is it just me, or do men have it really easy in the fashion department? Put a pair of designer jeans on him, along with a button-up shirt, nice shoes and what do you get? Rico Suave. Ok, so not all men are as fashionable as my Pilot love, Source {love Perez so much, but […]

Focus On: Resistance Bands

For this week’s Focus On post, I wanted to choose something that’s easily accessible to everyone: inexpensive and doesn’t matter which city you’re in. Resistance bands are the first thing that popped into my mind. They’re super lightweight, compact and you can get an amazing workout using these, wherever you are. Source What is it: […]

Baby’s First A+

In between the Monday moving frenzy, I had a phone call from an unknown number. Right away, I decided to answer and see who it was, and it was one of the nurses from the clinic where I had Friday’s blood work. The blood work was the second part of the testing we had done, […]

Christmas in July

Heyyyy 😀 How are you? Hope you’re having a wonderful day! Can you believe that we raised over $26,000 for Susan through The Great Fundraising Act? The blog world is truly amazing <3 We were really excited to spend our first night in our new home, but the previous owners had the utilities switched out […]