Mrs. Clean


Hi friends! How was your day? Hope it’s been lovely <3 {Bella already owns the place} I spent a majority of my day cleaning the things the cleaner neglected yesterday, which was pretty much everything The good news is that I LOVE to clean and the even better news was that I took your advice […]

Man Fashion


Is it just me, or do men have it really easy in the fashion department? Put a pair of designer jeans on him, along with a button-up shirt, nice shoes and what do you get? Rico Suave. Ok, so not all men are as fashionable as my Pilot love, Source {love Perez so much, but […]

Focus On: Resistance Bands


For this week’s Focus On post, I wanted to choose something that’s easily accessible to everyone: inexpensive and doesn’t matter which city you’re in. Resistance bands are the first thing that popped into my mind. They’re super lightweight, compact and you can get an amazing workout using these, wherever you are. Source What is it: […]

Baby’s First A+


In between the Monday moving frenzy, I had a phone call from an unknown number. Right away, I decided to answer and see who it was, and it was one of the nurses from the clinic where I had Friday’s blood work. The blood work was the second part of the testing we had done, […]

Christmas in July


Heyyyy How are you? Hope you’re having a wonderful day! Can you believe that we raised over $26,000 for Susan through The Great Fundraising Act? The blog world is truly amazing <3 We were really excited to spend our first night in our new home, but the previous owners had the utilities switched out of […]

My 7 Links


Morning friends! Hope you’re having a great day so far <3 Thank you so much for the kind words and congrats on our new home. Since it was a short sale, I’m still kinda shocked that it actually fell into place and worked out! I’m definitely excited to start putting it together and decorate So […]

This is the place


Where we’ll unload our lives… and actually be able to stick around for a while With bare walls, ready to be decorated Empty rooms, ready to be filled A closet, big enough to sleep in And a lovely bathtub which might actually make me enjoy baths [I’m more of a shower girl] Our first gas […]

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