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Morning friends! Hope you’re having a great day so far <3 Thank you so much for the kind words and congrats on our new home. Since it was a short sale, I’m still kinda shocked that it actually fell into place and worked out! I’m definitely excited to start putting it together and decorate So […]

This is the place


Where we’ll unload our lives… and actually be able to stick around for a while With bare walls, ready to be decorated Empty rooms, ready to be filled A closet, big enough to sleep in And a lovely bathtub which might actually make me enjoy baths [I’m more of a shower girl] Our first gas […]



Hi friends <3 How are you? Hope you’re having a lovely morning! It’s moving day!!! We’re loading up my dadoo’s flatbed trailer he lent us and starting to make trips to the new house. Cleaners are coming, locksmith, alarm guy, cable/internet… it’s going to be crazy and amazeballz Breakfast: Oatmeal pancakes: look great, taste horrible. […]

Thrilled > Stressed


Hiiii How was your day? Hope you had a lovely Sunday. Ours, of course, was full of packing, but it’s the last time in a looooooong time we’ll have to do this. Bella helped, too   She dug that scarf out of the Goodwill bag and it has become her new favorite toy [for today]. […]

Awkward Pregnancy Moments- II


Having a gluten-free bun in the oven sets me up for a ridiculous amount of awkward moments, but of course, I try to find humor in all of them I’ve already posted about a few, but with the way this is going, it will most likely become a regular series Source 1.) Getting hit on. […]

Pre-packing partay


Hi friends! How are you?? Hope you’ve had a great weekend <3 So we move tomorrow and guess how much we’ve packed? Hardly anything. You know how we roll If you wait until the last minute… it only takes a minute. We did manage to get into some shenanigans last night: Cameron was doing the […]

Rise and Zumba


Morning!! Happy Saturday <3 Hope you’re having a great weekend so far! I got everything ninja-kicked off the list yesterday: -made all the crazy phone calls and errands- I still can’t believe we get the house keys on Monday! -got robbed of blood   (Poor Pilot- I was squeezing his hand, HARD) -Trip to World […]

Baby Lust List


Baby shopping is FUN. I never thought I’d enjoy shopping even more than I already did, but it finally happened Ever since we found out little nugget is a he-nugget last week, it’s been such a blasty to meander around baby stores and websites to get ideas for our registry. We’re not going to register […]

Mediterranean Thursday?


Hi friends! IT’S FRIDAY! I love it Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend <3 Last night, I was planning on making curry chickpea patty-things, but the Pilot could tell I was exhausted from work and suggested we try the new Mediterranean place that opened a couple of months ago. Even time we […]

Goofy antics


Hi friends! How are ya? I’m so glad you enjoyed this morning’s reader’s request post! <3 It was a good, but long day today. That’s my “work was cray cray but I’m home now, so let’s chill” face This is the Pilot’s face when I said “helloooooooo honey” in my best raspy old lady voice […]

Reader’s Request: Finding Motivation


Morning friends <3 Hope you’re having a great day so far! It’s been a little while since I’ve done a reader’s request, so here’s a recent one I received that I thought would be perfect for today. Hey Gina, I love your blog! I had a reader’s request for you: how do you always stay […]

A Flash of Neon


To be real, whenever neon is in style, it freaks me out a little. It also gives me flashbacks to 2nd grade, when I had a neon pink t-shirt (which I would tie in a knot on the side) that I would wear with day-glow purple leggings. I wish I were joking. Even when they […]

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