Party Rockers


in our houuuuuuusse toniiiiiight Our first party in the new casa was a success—surrounded by family, friends and food. Not much more I could ask for Thank you for all of the lovely compliments on how our house is coming together. The best thing is having the boxes out of sight- it feels like home, […]

Befores and Afters


          More pics *here* It’s still a work in progress, but we’re definitely starting to feel settled <3

Into the canyon


Morning friends <3 Hope you’re having a lovely and relaxing Sunday Bella is. [Paws crossed- such a lady!] We woke up bright and early to take MIL on a Sabino Canyon adventure. It was a beautiful morning and it was so nice to be surrounded by nature. Nature was happy to see us, too [I […]

Party Preppin’


Hiiiiiii How’s your Saturday been? Thank you so much for your ideas on how to fix up the master bedroom. I’m excited to start getting things together, now that we’re settled and all of stuff is unpacked. I got home from an awesome day of work and dove right into food prep for tomorrow. Some […]

Baby punched me


I haven’t been able to feel the little lady kick and move as much as I’d *like* to. Source [CRAZY pic!!] It may take more time (? I’m almost 22 weeks), but everyone keeps asking me, “Are you feeling lots of kicks?!” “Yes! I love it!” Ehh, not really. I’ll feel little butterflies and pops, […]

Save the room


Hi friends! How’s your Friday been? Mine has been a crazy whirlwind, but still had time for a workout and lunch with the girls Today, I ran errands to get supplies for Sunday’s housewarming party, cleaned the casa [vacuuming stairs is no joke] put the guest room together sparkle-fied the kitchen the master bathroom and […]

Fave Fashion Blogs


If you asked me to name off some healthy living or fitness blogs, I could rattle off quite a few. I love reading blogs, especially checking out new ones, and have a lot of friends in the healthy living/fitness blogger world. Ask me about fashion blogs and I could rattle off… err, maybe 5? The […]

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