{Video} Focus On: Stretching


Hey friends! Happy Humpday Hope your morning has been lovely. For today’s Focus On post, I thought it would be fun to talk about something that we could all do a little more of: stretching. Source I think we all know the benefits of stretching, but for whatever reason, it’s easy skip out on a […]

Hungry Eyes


Hiiii Hope you’re having a great night <3 We just got back from birth class and now I’m finally getting to blog, with a wild and angry maltipoo clanking her bowl around and shrieking at me. That’s the face you get when you take Bella’s food away. She’s not allowed to eat after 7pm since […]

26 weeks


and feeling nesty. 24 weeks: 26 weeks: The belly continues to grow and the baby continues to dance and kick away. It’s crazy because now I can tell how long she is in my belly. Last night, she was kicking on my right side and doing something on my left side at the same time. […]

Little goes a long way


Hi How are ya? Hope your morning is going well. Our house smells like a nori nacho paradise, so things are good over here. Quite a few of you were wondering how those Alexia sweet potato puffs were… the verdict? They were fantastic, but the chipotle fries will always be #1. The bottoms were a […]

Sympathy Cravings


Ok, let me go ahead and describe what that was in detail: 6 layers of chocolate cake with fudge and caramel Dark chocolate frosting A layer of chocolate chips pressed into the frosting. The craziest part? It wasn’t even my idea. The other night, Tom was like, “I really need some chocolate cake. Do you […]

Nori Nachos

nori nachos

I could pretend that we did SO much today. But really: we didn’t. It’s funny because we weren’t lazy at all, but still didn’t manage to get a ton of stuff done. NBD, since I got to enjoy the day with the Pilot, instead of frantically running around like I usually do on Mondays I […]

Pilot’s Day Off


Hey! Happy Monday <3 Hope your week is off to a great start. I’m a little later than normal with today’s morning post, but the Pilot took the day off work, so we’ve been hanging out. He has a ton of leave saved up (92 days, some of which he’ll lose if he doesn’t use), […]

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