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Nori Nachos

I could pretend that we did SO much today. But really: we didn’t. It’s funny because we weren’t lazy at all, but still didn’t manage to get a ton of stuff done. NBD, since I got to enjoy the day with the Pilot, instead of frantically running around like I usually do on Mondays 🙂 […]

Pilot’s Day Off

Hey! Happy Monday <3 Hope your week is off to a great start. I’m a little later than normal with today’s morning post, but the Pilot took the day off work, so we’ve been hanging out. He has a ton of leave saved up (92 days, some of which he’ll lose if he doesn’t use), […]

Out of curiosity

I don’t want the Family page to come off as me being a paranoid worrywart. Yep, I worry sometimes and the many “what-ifs” cross my mind, but 99% of the time I’m focused on being present and totally happy in this moment, instead of worried about the future. I definitely like to post some of […]

Get me to the Greek

Festival 🙂 Hiiii. How was your day? Ours was busy, but a perfectly wonderful Sunday. In between doing house stuff –I cleaned and the Pilot installed a new showerhead- we took a break to hit up the Tucson Greek Festival, since it was the last day. I haven’t been to the Greek Fest in quite […]

Around the house

Heyyyy 😀 How’s your Sunday going? Hope you’re having a lovely, relaxing day <3 Yesterday was kind of a standard Saturday over here. It’s the Pilot’s down day, since he’s so crazy busy during the week, so he goes out for brother’s breakfast with my two brothers and then they play video games and watch […]

Bring on the boots

Living in Valdosta sheltered my fashion life. That’s not to say that I didn’t see fashionable people while I lived there, but the shopping was kind of scary. Even with frequent escapes to Jacksonville and Orlando, I kind of fell out of my usual stylish ways. When I first started to see boots and skinny […]

Shrimp Catch Fail

Hi friends <3 How’s your weekend going? Things are bueno over here 🙂 A group of us went out for hibachi last night. I wasn’t planning on blogging about it, since I’ve gone out for hibachi 14,592ish times since starting the blog and I get the same thing every time (shrimp and veggies, no rice), […]


Hey friends! How has your Friday been? Up to anything fun this weekend? I just saw Lion King in 3D with a couple of friends. It’s funny because when I saw the commercial that it was re-released, I was like “Ohhh! I want to go see it!” And then today after making plans, I was […]

First Miss

Hey! Happy Friday! Also, happy first day of fall 🙂 How’s your new leaf going? Exciting things going on in the blogworld today: –Sabrina had her baby! –Heather’s wedding day Good stuff all around 😀 Thank you so much for you kind words of encouragement last night <3 I’m excited to take a step back, […]

The Doc Deets

Since I started seeing my homeopathic doc (around this time last year), I’ve received so many questions from readers about my experience. Why did I choose this doctor? What was my treatment like? Who is he? Well now that the goal has been accomplished –nuggette in the oven!- I feel like I can finally answer […]

Ask and ye shall [not] receive

Hi friends <3 How are ya? Hope you’re having a wonderful day. It was kind of a blah morning over here. A potential book deal that’s been in the works fell through (if anyone knows how I can gain *expert* status as a military wife, please share the secret with me), so I think I’m […]

Flower killer no more

Hey hey hey 😀 How are ya? How’s your morning going? It’s a beautiful day over here 🙂 Can you believe I’ve kept these flowers alive since the housewarming party? Neither can I. They were a gift from my aunt, along with this strawberry plant. That guy was looking a little brown and crispy for […]