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Hot Curler How-to

I’ve always been a huge fan of hot curlers. They’re super easy to use, inexpensive, and make you look like you spent a lot of time on your hair, when in reality, you totally didn’t. One thing I’ve noticed is that all hot curlers are pretty similar, but what you want to look for is […]

Soggy FTW

Heyyyy 😀 How’s your day treating you? Hope it’s been lovely so far <3 Something very surprising happened after breakfast this morning… Cereal satisfied for longer than it takes to refill a bowl.. again.. and again. It was my second time trying these strawberry flakes I picked up the other day: [This morning was my […]

Focus On: Triathlons

Good morning! I’m excited to start the day off with an amazing Focus On post, written by Steph. I’ve been wanting to do a post on triathlons for a while, since they’ve always intrigued me but sadly, I’m missing two out of the three components (can’t ride a bike or swim.. I’m more of a […]

30 weeks

and cruisin’ along. 20 weeks:                                                             26 weeks: 30 weeks: Baby is out and about, for sure! The crazy awesome thing is that you can actually see her moving around now, too. Last night, I sat down on the couch next to Tom, pulled up the bottom part of my shirt and said “Look at this.” […]

Easy and delicious gluten-free crepes

It’s been wayyyyy too long…. The return of crepes! I got a link back yesterday from a friend who made these, and I can’t believe I forgot about them for so long. I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast, and go through phases where I rotate between 3 or so things. […]

It’s already starting…

After a night of partying and piñata-smashing, I hit the snooze button a couple [more] times this morning. After making breakfast for the birthday boy and he left for work, I made some pumpkin oats. (Love that the 1/2 C scoop is a pumpkin!) Since it’s a special occasion –even though I’d do this on […]

Moons and Showers

This morning the Pilot was admiring my growing (and now shaking and moving!) belly, and told me “I can’t believe you’re 6 months already.” “Um… I’m pretty much 30 weeks.” “So that’s 7 1/2 months? Ok, I feel better now. Because your arms and legs are still tiny, but this belly is like WHOMP” This […]

Happy Birthday, Pilot

I’m so lucky to share a home with you A life with you and a family with you.     I’m just glad that soon, someone will else will have the chance to know what an amazing man you are. <3 You’re home this year- let’s celebrate! I’ll be the D.D 😉 _______________________________________________________________________________ Recipes from […]

Pics from the day: 10/23

See ya in the morning with recipes! Lots of fun stuff to come this week <3 Have a great night, Gina

From list to life

Happy Sunday! A little later blogging today, since we’ve spent the past 12 hours or so sleeping and bringing this list to life: Today I’m making a baby meal for a family and it’s also the Pilot’s b-day BBQ (his actual b-day is tomorrow). There’s going to be a piñata, so I’m thinking it will […]

The whole canoodle

Look who I caught canoodling on the couch when I got home from work… So I did what anyone would do: cut in and stole her. Heh heh. She looks really happy about it 😉 Today was a doozy, but a good day. Breakfast and snack were frantically eaten in between classes (egg-rito, and later […]

Brother’s Breakfast

Hey, everybody! This is the Pilot filling in for my lovely bride who has to teach fitness classes much later today (I figured she could use a break in the middle of 7 aerobic / stretch classes). Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday. As you’ve probably read, today’s usually my down day when I regroup from […]