I cheated on my high school last night. My bro, the Pilot and I met up with the fam (cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, nana) to watch my little bro’s football game. He plays varsity (and is only a freshman- impressive stuff!), for my alma mater’s rival school. So there were Kyle and I, sporting the […]

What’s in the basket?


One thing I love about moving so often is that it forces you to get rid of clutter and start fresh wherever you go. Marrying a military man forced me to transform from the girl with hundreds of random bottles and cosmetics to more of a minimalist. I just get what I absolutely need and […]

Happy Halloweekend


Hey everyone! Happy Friday and Halloweekend <3 We have a squadron costume (I just wrote Christmas?) party tomorrow night and still have to figure out our costumes. We have a few ideas narrowed down, so we’ll see what happens… Sunday is a pumpkin carving party at our place with cider and pumpkin pie, so it […]

Not your usual vacay


I’m having some challenges with packing my hospital suitcase. According to Babycenter, it should be ready within two weeks, but I don’t want to take a bunch of things I don’t need or forget critical items at home. Here’s a list of Babycenter’s suggestions, and what I’m thinking about bringing: A picture ID (driver’s license […]

Reader’s Request: Healthy Halloween!


Halloween is a great time to reminisce about the excitement of being dressed up in costume (and mad because mom made me wear a sweater with my sparkly Little Mermaid outfit because it was cold), swapping details with neighborhood friends on where the “good” houses are, and filling bags to the brim with candy. Around […]

Hot Curler How-to


I’ve always been a huge fan of hot curlers. They’re super easy to use, inexpensive, and make you look like you spent a lot of time on your hair, when in reality, you totally didn’t. One thing I’ve noticed is that all hot curlers are pretty similar, but what you want to look for is […]

Soggy FTW


Heyyyy How’s your day treating you? Hope it’s been lovely so far <3 Something very surprising happened after breakfast this morning… Cereal satisfied for longer than it takes to refill a bowl.. again.. and again. It was my second time trying these strawberry flakes I picked up the other day: [This morning was my first […]

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