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Humpday Booty Burner

Hi friends! How was your humpday?


It was a beautiful day over here (look at that sunset!), even though it was quite sad to hear that the Pilot’s family cat, Sam is onto greener pastures.sam

He was 19 years old!!!

sam (2)

We’ll miss you, buddy <3

The Pilot and I got to spend a little quality time together this morning since Betty was still getting fixed. I dropped him off at work so I could take his car, and made us protein oats for two:


A big pot of oats, thinned out with almond milk + Sun Warrior, frozen organic strawberries (they cook in the last 2 minutes while the oats cook), cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar and cookie butter on his, almond butter on mine.

I did the work thang and then came home to take Bell out and make some lunch:


-Greens, topped with

-sautéed bell pepper

– 1/2 can black beans

– 1 cup brown rice


-Goddess dressing


The Pilot just got home from work, so we’re going to figure out the car situation (the repair man said it should be the end of the tunnel as far as expensive repairs go, which is making us reconsider), make some dinner and take little Bell to get the crazies out (on a walk).

Enjoy your night and I’ll see ya in the morning with a nut butter treat recipe 😉



Workout quickie:

Humpday Booty Burner!

Add this fun little burn onto your next weights session or at the end of some cardio. You’ll remember it the next day.. walking up stairs… sitting down… your booty will thank ya. [As always, check with a doc before making any fitness changes]

-Lunge right (15)

-Jumping lunges (30 seconds)

-Lunge left (15)

-Jumping lunges (30 seconds)

-Squat (15)

-Jump squats (30 seconds)

-V-glutes (Under workout #2: on a bench or stability ball- 15)

-V-glutes pulse (hold legs up as high as they’ll go and pulse towards the ceiling- 30 seconds)

*Repeat 1-2 more times if desired

Let me know how you like it <3

The girl who wouldn’t “moo”

The day I changed my major from Musical Threate to Finance, something changed with my personality. Anything that I wasn’t forced to practice and perform (singing, public speaking) on a regular basis… died. I was still dancing and teaching at the studio, so that wasn’t a problem, but class presentations became something I dreaded instead […]


Verdict on the car front: negative. It needs about 7 things done in the nearish future (3 are immediate), so looks like we’ll be getting the necessary stuff fixed and trading in Betty this weekend. Thank you for the SUV suggestions! They were so helpful and I’ll be sure to let you know what we […]

3rd trimester fuel

I’ve definitely eaten more pie and sweets in the 3rd trimester than any other. What can I say? ‘Tis the season and baby likes those treats!   [mom made gf brownies… I love her] At the same time, I’m still focused on getting as many nutrient-dense foods as possible, since her brain is going through […]

Betty’s last chance

We found out Christmas lights are a major to-do in our neighborhood. We’re really happy with how our interior decorations came out –so festive!- and the Pilot put up Christmas lights for the first time. He did an amazing job, and we have a single strand of sparkly lights on the roof. I was in […]

Forgotten fruit

Hey guys! I’m so glad you enjoyed the holiday gift guide. There are some gift ideas on the Family page, too, and I’ll post one for the dudes next Monday. It was a great day today <3 Kinda weird that the Pilot had to go to work –I got used to having him around after […]

2011 Gift Guide: For the mamas

This morning, I posted a little gift guide on the main page, but thought it would be fun to do a smaller one for moms-to-be and new mamas. Here are some of the ideas I came up with: 1.) A chic diaper bag or tote This Kate Spade one is on sale today for $179.. […]

2011 Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s be real here. I publish these gift guides every year (here’s last year’s and last year’s for the dudes), but we all know that I don’t actually start Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve. I love the rush 😉 (I love wrapping, too!) That being said, I do love to plan out what I’m going […]

Pucker up

Guess who I got to kiss today?! Viesa! I was so excited to see her furry face. We went over to hang out with little Meg, my doula friend (Viesa’s new mom) and her family, so we got to cuddle Vies the whole time we were there. Love it <3 Of course, when we got […]

I had no idea

Over the past almost-9 months (!!) I’ve learned quite a bit about pregnancy and childbirth. A lot of it has happened through experience, and even with the boatload of books I’ve read, there are still a lot of things I don’t know, and a few that have totally taken me by surprise.   (The Pilot […]

I die for Thai

San Diego created a monster. I had my first Thai experience, and since then have been dreaming of wrapping everything in rice paper and dipping it in peanut sauce. So when I was trying to figure out dinner last night –we usually go out, or get takeout on Saturdays- I said: “Doyouwantpizzafordinner or… would you […]

While I was Zumba-ing

Back home from a sweaty Zumba class (got to dance with a blog reader and her family!) showered: fresh and so clean rocking my moccasins drinking tea and eating pie. Oh, and dreaming about Las Vegas. Vegas would be lovely right about now 🙂 And while I was gone, the painters were hard at work […]