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What if she’s a he?

I’m bummed because I had to come home early from work today. I slept like a rock last night, woke up feeling great, ate a solid bfast (brown rice cereal and 2 eggs) and was in the weight room when I started to see spots. After drinking some lemonade and splashing cold water on my […]

Scary Claus + Black Friday Frenzy Workout

It was a glorious Black Friday <3 Everyone enjoyed the day according to their leisure… I shopped, got in a workout (posted at the end), a long nap and started putting up Christmas decorations [Glass hurricanes and bowls + different sizes of ornaments = chic, inexpensive holiday decorations] The Pilot watched football, cleaned the office […]

It took years

I think I finally mastered the art of Black Friday shopping.   There was no way I was going to go out and fight that diehards at midnight last night, so I woke up early this morning and hit up my favorite stores. They were surprisingly calm and weren’t too picked over. The only one […]

24 Days of Thanks

Thankful: 1.) For my husband, who makes me swoon and feel so very lucky every single day, 2.) the sweet baby growing in my belly, 3.) my family, 4.) my Bella and 5.) for friends. The ones who live all over the world, and still manage to make me feel like they’re close by, and […]

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving

and all through the house not a Gina was cooking neither was her spouse.” What was supposed to be “cookstravaganza as soon as I get home from work” turned into “let’s watch Family Guy” instead. I may or may not have fallen asleep.   It’s a good thing I work better under pressure 😉 Work […]

The best kale chips

Mystery #1: Our lime/orange/grapefruit tree. When we first moved in, I was convinced that they were limes. Then they turned orange and are now splitting open. A fruit mystery, fo sho. Mystery #2: Our dehydrator is broken. You see, things go in… but they never come out. They just disappear. The most recent disappearing act: […]

I’m her favorite….

until the Pilot comes home. Or anyone else comes over. At least she makes me feel like her BFF for most of the day 😉 Bell has a little bit of cabin fever, hence the stink eye. I don’t teach on Tuesdays, so I almost always manage to get in a long walk with her, […]

34 weeks

and feeling sappy. 22 weeks:                                                                     28 weeks: 32 weeks:                                                                             34 weeks:       Is it just me, or has the belly gone through a major growth spurt in the past two weeks?! It’s also taking on the torpedo shape that I had predicted. I’m kinda goofy with the belly sometimes –I’ll rub it, make silly faces […]

Gingerbread Protein Pancakes

 Source I’m always scary exited when gingerbread makes its seasonal arrival. When it shows up at Starbucks, I feel like the holidays are officially here and will usually get a soy latte with a couple pumps of gingerbread. [That’s actually a hot cocoa, but you get the idea] So this morning, I decided to gingerbreadify […]

The Taco Man

There’s a man that drives around base in his taco truck, selling delicious Mexican meals. The truck plays the “Mexican Hat Song” as its horn (I couldn’t even make this stuff up), and the guys on base swarm around the taco truck like a grown-up version of the ice cream trucks of our youth. The […]

Greta’s Tea + Maternity Pics

Remember when I announced our pregnancy and said we had been wanting to get a pet goat? Well, we even had a name picked out for our future goat: Greta. <—best goat name everrrrr Anyway, we ended with an even better surprise of finding out we were pregnant and moved into our new house, with […]

Turkey Treadmill Workout

Good morning, friends! Hope you’re having a Happy Monday <3 This is what happens when I don’t make dinner: That is a Pei Wei fail. See the shrimp? They’re brown and gnarly. I’d never had burnt shrimp before, but there about as far from delicious as you might imagine. The sunset made up for the […]