2011 Holiday Gift Guide


Let’s be real here. I publish these gift guides every year (here’s last year’s and last year’s for the dudes), but we all know that I don’t actually start Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve. I love the rush (I love wrapping, too!) That being said, I do love to plan out what I’m going to […]

Pucker up


Guess who I got to kiss today?! Viesa! I was so excited to see her furry face. We went over to hang out with little Meg, my doula friend (Viesa’s new mom) and her family, so we got to cuddle Vies the whole time we were there. Love it <3 Of course, when we got […]

I had no idea


Over the past almost-9 months (!!) I’ve learned quite a bit about pregnancy and childbirth. A lot of it has happened through experience, and even with the boatload of books I’ve read, there are still a lot of things I don’t know, and a few that have totally taken me by surprise.   (The Pilot […]

I die for Thai


San Diego created a monster. I had my first Thai experience, and since then have been dreaming of wrapping everything in rice paper and dipping it in peanut sauce. So when I was trying to figure out dinner last night –we usually go out, or get takeout on Saturdays- I said: “Doyouwantpizzafordinner or… would you […]

While I was Zumba-ing


Back home from a sweaty Zumba class (got to dance with a blog reader and her family!) showered: fresh and so clean rocking my moccasins drinking tea and eating pie. Oh, and dreaming about Las Vegas. Vegas would be lovely right about now And while I was gone, the painters were hard at work turning […]

What if she’s a he?


I’m bummed because I had to come home early from work today. I slept like a rock last night, woke up feeling great, ate a solid bfast (brown rice cereal and 2 eggs) and was in the weight room when I started to see spots. After drinking some lemonade and splashing cold water on my […]

Scary Claus + Black Friday Frenzy Workout


It was a glorious Black Friday <3 Everyone enjoyed the day according to their leisure… I shopped, got in a workout (posted at the end), a long nap and started putting up Christmas decorations [Glass hurricanes and bowls + different sizes of ornaments = chic, inexpensive holiday decorations] The Pilot watched football, cleaned the office […]

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