Getting the party started


I took a Zumba class at work today. It still feels really good to move around –and makes me forget that baby and I are spine-to-spine- and I can take it easy, since I was just taking class instead of teaching. It was a great class, and the best part was when my boss walked […]

Favorite Workouts of 2011


Getting over the hump! Is it just me, or does this week seem extra strange with two weekend holidays in a row? It’s definitely taken me a couple of days to get into the swing of things. Switching up the usual eggs and toast with some almond butter and jelly waffles + half-caf coffee with […]

Trying something new


Efforts to help the baby flip from posterior position to LOA (facing my right side, how she was until a week ago) have gone from pretty simple: (using my stability ball as a chair and to bounce and rotate my hips whenever possible) to a little crazy: I spent 10 minutes the other night with […]

Focus On: Tabata Training


Something about cooking dinner on the grill makes it so more exciting. Like family pizza night: Fun in the oven, party on the grill. After making cinnamon rolls this weekend, the last thing I wanted to do was mess around with yeast and dough –I contemplated a brown rice tortilla for my pizza crust- but […]

Mental health day


I think it’s pretty apparent from reading the blog that the Pilot works a lot, and works extremely hard. Even when he’s home on the weekends, he’s been working on house stuff (lots of master bedroom, office and nursery furniture assembly lately) since we moved in. He had a couple of extra days off work […]

10 days before my due date


my pregnancy gave to me… 10 pairs of lululemon pants that are suddenly all too snug 9 days of wondering 8 days of walking 7 fierce contractions 6 warm baths to take 5 unexplained cravings (anchovies!) 4 hospital outfits 3 cups of daily tea 2 acupuncture appointments and 1 precious sunny-side up babbbyyyyyyyy.

Inspiration time


To cap off an incredible weekend of festivities, -Christmas Eve dinner at my dadoo’s house -Christmas brunch at our house we all took naps and relaxed yesterday afternoon –I watched Christmas Story twice. Once with my eyes open, and once with them closed- and then went over to my mom’s house for Christmas dinner and […]

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