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Superbowl Snacks

Even though it isn’t for a couple of weeks, Superbowl hubbub is already in full swing. I’ve mentioned this before, but after all of football games I’ve been to in my life, I still don’t really understand it. (My second date with the Pilot was an Arizona homecoming game) I understand touchdowns and field goals, […]

My P-D-B (Post Delivery Body)

As soon as we announced our pregnancy, quite a few people asked me how I planned to get “back in shape” after she was born. My plan? Nothing at all. One of my goals while I was pregnant was to stay active and eat well to support our growing baby and my increasing energy needs. […]

WSU Week 2

Hello to another Monday, goodbye to another glorious baby meal. Our friends Bob and Emily came over last night to hang out and brought dinner. Bella wouldn’t leave Bob alone (she LOVES him) and Emily, the baby whisperer, held Livi while we all chatted. Dinner was incredible, too. Roasted winter vegetable soup with carrots, sweet […]

Into the sun…

Flowers and sunlight!   Guess who ventured into the world today…. It was so nice to get out. FREEEEEEEDOM! We had a lovely brunch at Eclectic Cafe: Lox, eggs, potatoes, OJ and fruit for me, the Pilot had granola, yogurt, eggs and French toast. Nana and Tata met us for coffee while we ate- it […]

1/21: Thoughts from the week

I totally get why new moms cut off all their hair. It’s a luxury to get a shower, let alone style or dry anything. Twisty bangs + ponytail or messy bun for the win. I wrote about our adventures in breastfeeding here, but just as we’re starting to get the hang of it, it’s also […]

Stayin’ alive

Many bloggers will go outside and take lovely pictures of foliage or flowers for their posts. Everything is pretty much dead over here, except for the grass and this cilantro: which I haven’t watered in at least 4 months. It’s a survivor, for sure. Also, the perfect complement to the baby meal my friend Liz […]

Talking Shiba

For those of you who have also been missing your daily dose of Vies, here ya go: Ash and her hubby put that video up last night- the Pilot and I were cracking up watching it. They’ve taught Vies so many cool tricks. Over Easter, they filled Easter eggs with treats, hid them, and taught […]

Baby and Bell

When we first announced we were expecting, we were often asked how we thought Bella would take having a sister. I never really thought it would be a problem- Bella loves babies. However, Bella also loves being queen of the castle. I’m still convinced that Bella knew I was pregnant before I did, and also […]

Options for newbies

Bella says “good morning!” – she seems to be the only one with extra spunk today. We’ve been waiting until late morning to come downstairs and start the day. As good as it feels, I think by next week when the Pilot goes back to work I’ll be ready to get going a little earlier. […]

WSU 2012 Playlist

It’s not delivery…. it’s dinner, courtesy of my friend Kelly 🙂 She and her baby came over to chill for a while, and brought the Pilot and myself some dinner. Gluten-free pizza with peppers, basil, and Daiya (the Pilot’s had reg cheese and pepperoni on there- Kelly and her pilot eat almost exactly the same […]

Why I love being a mom

I’m putting together a Family post together on post-delivery body, and in the meantime wanted to bring you a very special post from my friend Emily. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Emily before, and she’s just as amazing as you’d imagine from reading her blog. She has been a great resource for […]

Even better

Per your requests…. 7 inches, NBD.  I’m actually wearing them right now! Ok, not quite, but moccasins are close 😉 Speaking of pink and sassy, someone got a haircut today:   So fresh and clean, and she smells like flowers. Keeping up with the theme of the past week and a half, we laid low […]