Liquid Gold

Two significant things have happened in the past 48 hours: 1. Suddenly, the little one is a fan of righty 2. My husband saved my sleep life As far as #1 goes, there’s kind of a back story to it. I thought things were going well, but then for the past 5 nights or so […]

Focus On: Half Marathon Training


Back in the fall, I set a goal for myself: I really want to walk/run the half marathon here at the end of March. Now that we’re in January, and walking is pretty much the only physical activity I can do for the next week and a half, I still want to go for it. […]

Choosing a BC option


Number 2?? Not so fast… One of the questions that every single medical professional has asked since we had the baby: “Have you thought about birth control options?” Even my homeopathic doc, whom I spoke with yesterday about milk production tips and the like said, “don’t let your husband look at you the wrong way- […]

Hey, hemp


Another one of these hilarious videos: (I still like the originals and the yoga one the best) It definitely came to mind when I busted these out a couple of days ago: hemp seeds! Long time, no see. When my doc recommended upping my fat intake, hemp seeds was one of his suggestions as they’re […]

Girls’ Nights


Girls’ nights have a new meaning over here. It’s me, Livi and Bella Livi is the party animal- she drinks all night, wets herself and cries, I’m the one taking care of her while Bella gives us the stink eye. We’re a fun group, for sure. Yesterday was my first day at home with the […]

Superbowl Snacks


Even though it isn’t for a couple of weeks, Superbowl hubbub is already in full swing. I’ve mentioned this before, but after all of football games I’ve been to in my life, I still don’t really understand it. (My second date with the Pilot was an Arizona homecoming game) I understand touchdowns and field goals, […]

My P-D-B (Post Delivery Body)


As soon as we announced our pregnancy, quite a few people asked me how I planned to get “back in shape” after she was born. My plan? Nothing at all. One of my goals while I was pregnant was to stay active and eat well to support our growing baby and my increasing energy needs. […]

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