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Tricky like that

Did you know it costs $60 to use the Babies ‘R Us nursing room?!

baby stuff2

I knew it was getting to be about “that time” so we stopped in to grab some jammies and use the mother’s room, which has a couch, glider, and changing table, and walked out with some more goodies. They’re tricky like that 😉

We grabbed some sparkly headbands, a new swaddle (the Swaddle Me ones have been working really well for nighttime) and some zipper jammies, which save the day. They make the night changes a little easier when my glasses are falling off my face and I’m trying to button a thousand buttons 😉

I also picked up a Halo sleep sack, because as I mentioned before, we’re trying to get her to take one nap in her pack n’ play, since she only naps really well if I’m holding or wearing her. As much as I love to hold her while she sleeps, I’d rather get work and things around the house done while she’s sleeping. The computer stays closed while she’s awake, and it would be awesome to work out while she naps so that I don’t have to go at night when Tom is home- I’d rather hang out with both of them.

Yesterday she lasted about 10 minutes in the pack n’ play before her flailing arms woke her up, and today about 15 minutes. As soon as she wakes up and cries, I pick her up and put her in the Moby or lay on the couch and hold her for the rest of her nap, but would love to have an option to keep her arms from going crazy without swaddling. (We’re trying to save swaddling for a nighttime only thing, so she doesn’t get confused.) Enter the sleep sack. According to the internets, if you safety-pin the arm holes closed, it’s like a very loose swaddle. The baby will have free movement of her legs, and her arms will stay closer to her sides instead of shooting up into the air to wake her up. We’ll see how it goes! 🙂

After some awesome sleeping over here, the past few of nights have been a little rough. We’ve been up every 2 hours or so, mostly to eat, other times to change diapers or cuddle, and Tom has been flying. I’m positive she’s going through a growth spurt (grow baby, grow!), and after lots of wake-ups last night, we lounged in bed all morning, put on some real clothes, dropped Bell at the groomer’s, went to Babies ‘R Us, and met that one guy we’re both crazy about for lunch.

dad and liv2

It was a great day <3

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Make a wish

Happy humpday and leap year! I feel like we should make a wish on leap year- it just seems like a lucky day 😉 Some ordinary lucky oats: a fancy salad that I whipped up: (Oh Joe the Trader, I appreciate you so much) and a new-to-me lunch wrap combo. I was in the mood […]

Did-do list

I’ve always been a fan of to-do lists. It helped to have a visual reminder of what I needed to accomplish (phone calendars and lists don’t have the same effect for me), and every morning I’d scrawl out a tentative plan for the day and what I wanted to get done. I haven’t seen my […]

Making and breaking habits

It was a quiche kinda night over here. It took me about 18 years of life to learn that quiche starts with a “q.” 😉 The Pilot came home from work, and I wanted to make something quick and easy so we could hang out a little bit before being sucked into our respective laptops. […]

Nap and play

Another new piece of baby furniture: I’ve been avoiding setting up the pack n’ play because I thought it would be a pain to assemble (even though it’s a pack n’ play and made for travel…I know) and I wasn’t sure if Livi would like it, since she sleeps at night in the bassinet and […]

Can’t trust her

Oh hello, Monday. Definitely back into the swing of life over here! After having a house hustling and bustling all weekend, back to just the girls: myself, Bell and Liv. I caught Bella eating a piece of ice cream sandwich in the backyard this morning.. this worries me for two reasons: 1) we haven’t had […]

2/26: Pics from the day


2/25: Thoughts from the week

-The Jewel lullaby CD is AMAZING. It was a gift to Livi from her nana, and we made it part of the bedtime ritual. Meal time, bath, lotion, brush her hair, read a story, then put Jewel on to sway, bounce or rock her to sleep. By the yodel song (which I think is #6?) […]

Tie Fail

So many fun adventures today! A world beat class (which was amaaaaaazzing) hike at Sabino Canyon and dinner with an intimate party of 17. I was SO excited to take world beat this morning. As I mentioned before, there’s no recorded music, only live drummers, and we dance to international rhythms including African, Latin and […]

“Everywhere you look”

It’s a full house over here 🙂 (+ my nana and stepdad) The Pilot’s side of the fam came in from the southeast yesterday afternoon, and when they got here we did what most people do with out-of-town guests: took them to a bar.   Ok, so not a *real* bar, but to the squadron […]

Friday Faves

1. The meal of my childhood. On Sundays after church, everyone would go over to my nana’s house for homemade tortillas, chorizo, tamales, beans and eggs. It’s something my mom would often make on the weekends, too.. I knew it would be a good day when I woke up to the smell of chorizo. Now, […]

Things that go “smack” in the night

The other night, while I was feeding Livi, I heard an intense SMACK into one of our living room windows. “Wake up! I heard a noise!” I went into the bedroom and shook the Pilot, who sleeps with earplugs in (thank goodness he didn’t have to fly in the morning), and he woke up, grabbed […]