2/25: Thoughts from the week


-The Jewel lullaby CD is AMAZING. It was a gift to Livi from her nana, and we made it part of the bedtime ritual. Meal time, bath, lotion, brush her hair, read a story, then put Jewel on to sway, bounce or rock her to sleep. By the yodel song (which I think is #6?) […]

Tie Fail


So many fun adventures today! A world beat class (which was amaaaaaazzing) hike at Sabino Canyon and dinner with an intimate party of 17. I was SO excited to take world beat this morning. As I mentioned before, there’s no recorded music, only live drummers, and we dance to international rhythms including African, Latin and […]

“Everywhere you look”


It’s a full house over here (+ my nana and stepdad) The Pilot’s side of the fam came in from the southeast yesterday afternoon, and when they got here we did what most people do with out-of-town guests: took them to a bar.   Ok, so not a *real* bar, but to the squadron bar […]

Friday Faves


1. The meal of my childhood. On Sundays after church, everyone would go over to my nana’s house for homemade tortillas, chorizo, tamales, beans and eggs. It’s something my mom would often make on the weekends, too.. I knew it would be a good day when I woke up to the smell of chorizo. Now, […]

Things that go “smack” in the night


The other night, while I was feeding Livi, I heard an intense SMACK into one of our living room windows. “Wake up! I heard a noise!” I went into the bedroom and shook the Pilot, who sleeps with earplugs in (thank goodness he didn’t have to fly in the morning), and he woke up, grabbed […]

Postpartum eats


The first couple of weeks from the hospital were a mix of different emotions: happier than I thought was humanly possible, at the same time feeling a little wonky from the hormones stabilizing, extremely exhausted, and so full of love for my husband and new daughter. There wasn’t a difference between night and day, and […]

Slow cooker chicken coconut curry


Last time I made Thai food, I almost burned our faces off with the spiciness factor. This is coming from a girl who eats jalapenos straight-up. It was borderline too much for me too handle, and way too spicy for the Pilot, who likes spicy foods, but not the same way I do. This time, […]

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