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Some things never change

Like my constantly mismatched socks


protein, berry, almond butter oats

watery oats

(kinda watery this morning, but still good)

and Bella’s ability to peer deep into your soul.

bella's eyes

Thankfully, some things do change… like the Pilot’s facial hair 😉

no mustache

Mustache March ended early over here! No more scratchy kisses for meeeeeee.

We went to Lowe’s this morning and since it’s dog-friendly, we took the whole family.


We have a huge list of things we’d like to do with house, and are excited to start crackalackin’ on them. Lots of little projects (like replacing all of the hardware in the house) and bigger things, like eventually a master bathroom remodel, extending the patio in the backyard and first on the list: ripping out all of the upstairs carpet and replacing it with wood.


Our house is fairly new, but 5 families lived here before we did, and the carpet is pretty gnarly.

Random smudges and a giant blue spot:


and carpet is hard to keep clean. I think wood will be a lot easier to maintain, since we need to replace the flooring anyway.

My dadoo is extremely handy –he designs custom homes- so he said he’d help us figure out how to do it. It will be one heck of a project, but I’m really excited 🙂

Just got back from Saturday Zumba- I can’t believe I start teaching again on Wednesday! Time to scrounge for some lunch.

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday!



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Today’s workout jam:

3/30: Thoughts from the week

-Really, BabyBump App? I’m 52 weeks pregnant! -When I kiss Liv on the cheek, she turns her face towards me and licks my cheek. Her version of a kiss, I guess 🙂 -She also started to realize that everyone loves it when she smiles… so she smiles, mouth wide open, all the time. It’s the […]


I’m officially sick of every song on my phone. I’ll download new songs on the computer and then forget to transfer them over, so when I workout, I end up scrolling through a mix of random stuff on my phone: the Mowtown CD I downloaded for beginning aerobics, old pop/rap/Zumba/rock songs, Christmas music and the […]

Traveling with a wee one

“Wee one” = something I’d never say in real life, but I like typing it. Kinda like “y’all” 😉 Thank you so much for all of your awesome comments on my last post. I always love to hear about your experiences, because everyone is different and different things work for different families. Goes to show […]

The Bird House

When we were feeling domestic the other day, the Pilot picked up a hummingbird feeder, since we had quite a few different bird feeders in Valdosta. It’s been really successful. I came downstairs the other morning, and a HUGE turtle dove was eating out of the hummingbird feeder. I hope that’s ok? All of the […]

Warm up to the main event

When a baby started growing in my belly, my brain disappeared to make room. I locked us all out of the house this morning. That’s a half-smile. I felt horrible 🙁 I always check the bottom handle of the door to make sure it isn’t locked, and today was the one time I didn’t. Thank […]

Hot Mess HIIT Workout

Come over to my house and I will greet you with the finest culinary creations. Marisa came over to hang out for a little while yesterday, and since I still hadn’t done a grocery haul, we made almond butter and jelly for a snack. It was delicious 😉 Nana came over later in the afternoon […]

Focus On: Video Game Fitness

For a while, the only video game action our house saw was Call of Duty- the Pilot is a fan 😉 And then, the lovely representatives from Microsoft were so kind to send a couple of fitness video games that I might enjoy, along with an Xbox Kinect. I very rarely accept products from companies […]

Strawberry-infused sports drink

At a bar in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, they have the best infusions…. fresh fruit soaking in vodka, which tastes dangerously like candy. That’s all I can remember to tell you about those drinks. This infusion is a little bit healthier, and will help instead of hinder your next workout 😉 Strawberry-infused Sports Drink -3 C hot […]

Colored denim and printed wedges

When I first saw colored denim last spring, I thought to myself “I’m glad the trend will be gone by next year.” Nope. Here we are again and colored denim is more popular than it was last year. Same thing with skinny jeans… I fought the trend forever because I thought they were horribly unflattering, […]

Back to the inspiration board

Oh, hey Monday. You sneak up on us so quickly 😉 Since I’m on another breakfast kick (eating the same thing everyday until I get sick of it) let’s talk about inspiration. Yesterday was the day of the half marathon that I thought I’d be walk/running. It was fun to have a specific fitness event […]

3/25: Pics from the day