“Baby Got Back” workout


Will shake for chicken. Would probably sing an aria whilst riding a unicycle for chicken, but you know. Another lovely Pilot-grilled feast: I prepped the food and when he got home, he grilled it up while I did the baby bedtime rituals. We had dinner before 8pm, and it was awesome. Wilted some kale on […]

{Video post} Tummy time


We weren’t always the best at doing tummy time. You’re supposed to do it as often as possible during the day, so the baby can build up neck strength and doesn’t get a flat head from laying down all the time. Sometimes it would end up being 5pm and I’d think “Ahh! Tummy time!” and […]

Bring it back


Just when I thought it would be an uneventful morning, we had a massive power outage in Tucson. Livi and I were just about to head somewhere air conditioned when it magically turned back on. Thank goodness we both had breakfast before everything went out. Since I’ve been enjoying oats for a snack lately, it’s […]

Here comes the sun


Smoothie weather! Nice to see ya. It’s easy to complain about the heat when you live in the desert, but I say bring it on. I may change my tune when it’s 115* and my eegee is melting faster than I can drink it, but for now, I will relish in the toastiness, Drink lots […]

Recycling clothes


I could easily be a clothes hoarder. It’s not like I would ever wear my “Ryan, Marry Me!” shirt again, but sometimes I get a little attached to the memories behind the clothes. They remind me of different times in my life, and it hurt a little when I got rid of the first dress […]

Missing words


Fresh laundry = Bella’s favorite pillow This is why it’s so much harder to put it away.. she just looks so comfy. Hope you’re all having a happy Monday so far! My last post could have used some text to go along with the pictures, but kept it wordless in the spirit of my Sunday […]

4/22: Pics from the day



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