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Missing words

Fresh laundry = Bella’s favorite pillow This is why it’s so much harder to put it away.. she just looks so comfy. Hope you’re all having a happy Monday so far! My last post could have used some text to go along with the pictures, but kept it wordless in the spirit of my Sunday […]

4/22: Pics from the day


Mover and a shaker

Livi has been able to roll over from her back to her stomach for a few weeks. At first, it was just an awesome sign of development, and now it’s starting to give us anxiety because she’s doing it in her sleep. When we put her into her bed on her back, she’ll roll over […]

King of all beasts

After teaching today, I was ready for a giant Oregano’s salad. Not just a “someone got heavy-handed with the lettuce” salad.. a “feed a family of 4” salad. Except the family of 4 was my face.   Chicken, romaine, pine nuts, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, soaked raisins (my favorite part) and balsamic […]

No AB, I cry

There’s a serious almond butter drought in our house. Hemp seeds filled the void for today, but thank goodness the Pilot is making a grocery run for some necessities while I’m back at work. When you go through at least a jar a week, it’s smart to have backup. I made a rookie mistake at […]

Wild Ones

That song has been stuck in my head ALL DAY. I just love it 🙂 The only wild animal picture I have today: So there ya go. Later this afternoon, the Pilot, Liv and I headed to the mall to get my bro’s birthday presents- he turns 17 tomorrow! He’s always been so “little” to […]

The Pilot’s girlfriend

I’ve gotten a few requests about giving relationship tips, dealing with deployments, how the Pilot and I keep from fighting, stuff of the like. My only real relationship tips are: you’re a team, don’t nitpick the little things that don’t really matter, and do something everyday to show the other person you love them. As […]

3 inches taller

Hope you’ve had an awesome Thursday! <3 Some things from the day: -A posture and balance workshop. We used small balls and tennis balls for stretch and balancing poses, and wow. I feel 3 inches taller and like a NOODLE. My favorite one was on our back, placing a small firm ball on the back […]

CDs and Baby Names

Back when we thought Livi was a boy, we couldn’t agree on a name. We had a list of favorites, but nothing stood out. (I still really love the name Remington, though!) When we found out the baby was indeed a girl, picking a name was a lot easier. Even though we had a few […]

Stretchy stretchy

Feels good to be home 🙂 Today ended up being a longer day than anticipated, so lunch break was a blitz through the house to grab more food and clothes teach some more (it was a Zumba day! Always a great thing) and then back home to my favorite people. (I’m sad that picture turned […]

Why buy vintage

Hello, it’s Meg again! I saw this fashion post as an opportunity to talk about shopping for vintage clothing, something I LOVE and do quite often. Sometimes buying vintage can be intimidating. The clothing isn’t new, sometimes it needs altering, and the fit is almost always different than modern clothing. So, what are the upsides? […]

Nudge Fry

Apparently I need to work on my stir fry skills. I guess you need to flip and stir with vigor? I just munched my kettle corn and pushed the veggies and chicken around in the pot (we don’t have a wok). The Pilot mentioned my “nudge fry” skills… but stopped teasing me when he ate […]